Wednesday, July 30, 2008


okay, I don't mean to too my own horn, but this announcement turned out so cute! It helps that I have such a cute little niece!

Just a little vanner update

He is completely potty trained! He turned 3 in may, and I don't know if that is late or not, but either way... It's amazing! It is really weird going to the store and only buying one pack of diapers!I walked in on Vance and a screw driver.... How did he do this with a screw driver? He loves to copy his daddy and use tools, but normally he does more damage than good!

He's really into guns and shooting people! I HATE IT!
Vance on the slip and slide at Landon's B-day! (he kind of face planted...))

Monday, July 28, 2008

He really is gone....

I just returned home from California and I wish I could say that I was there on a relaxing vacation, but I can't. I went to San Diego to be with my family and attend Sam's funeral. Words can't explain the emotions felt this weekend. There was sadness, anger, shock and Love. I truly have been so blessed to be in this HUGE family that is filled with so much love. I wish that we didn't HAVE to get together this weekend, but it was so nice to feel comforted by so many people. I love all my cousins so much and losing one of them has been a huge eye opener. The service was beautiful. It was a perfect representation of Sam's life. Such wonderful words were spoken and the spirit was so strong. Sam's immediate family all were so inspiring. Drew wrote an awesome biography of his brothers life that made us laugh and cry. I still ache and I know I will for a while but I have realized that this life is so fragile. I want to be a better person, friend, mother and wife. I want those around me to know how much appreciate them! Hang in there Snyder family! Sam is with you and always be.

Me and Drew
The boysSam's little sister Nena

Me, Reegan and Corley (cousins

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Someitmes we ask "Why" and then we cry...

I am writing this out of confusion and exhaustion. Last night I received a call that my Cousin Sam had passed away. I really can't describe the emotions as I ache for my family. Sam was driving from phoenix to San Diego to be with his family when his car broke down. He had no food or water and called 911 2 times and got no response. He was finally found dead due to heat exhaustion and dehydration. As hard as it is to say this and I hate when people tell me this, I do know that he is in a better place. As for his family left behind here on earth, we will cry, ache, miss him, and wonder, But we will always have memories. I have been up all night just Asking my self every question and wondering why there was no one there to help him. I just need to be strong and support this huge wonderful family that I have been blessed with. Sam was very lucky to be blessed with the same family. Sam had some rough times in his life but he was always there to make me feel accepted and he loved to ask me questions about my life and he always seemed truly interested in what I had to say! I will miss him and still always wonder, but for now I will be strong. I hope Kim, Pete, Nena and Drew know how much I love them and I am so sorry that they have to go through this. I love all of them so much and hope that time will heal this for them. RIP Samuel Snyder... we love you!

He was the DJ at my wedding if anyone remembers

Thursday, July 17, 2008

on to the next....

Good news.. well sort of, Brogans EEG came back normal. I am extremely happy to know that he is not having seizures but that just poses so many more questions. He has some more test next week. I would just really like to know what exactly is wrong with my baby. I hate putting him through all the torturing of the test. He starts to cry when we pull into the hospital. Sad. Well I'll keep every one posted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well, now I can say I have done it!

So I have lived in AZ my whole life and I have never floated down the salt river! (never been to the grand canyon either) I think it is because my mom scared me out of ever going to the river because according to her.."people get drunk there and die" Well, I finally went against her advise and finally joined the club. It was so relaxing. It was just a girls day out (which made it even nice)(no offense Ben) and I had a really good time! As I was floating down the river I would notice little beach areas and I kept thinking how much Vance would love to come play in the river! So the next day Ben and I took the boys back out to the river and I was SHOCKED! Vance was scared to death of the water! He just kept yelling "Yuck Yuck Yuck" and he was freaking out the whole time! Brogan totally loved it! He wanted to be in the water the whole time we were there. It was just so weird because Vance is not ever scared like that. Beside Vance, we had a good time and it made for some cute pics!
Vance just chilled in his chair....

If we tried to get him out of his chair this is what we had to deal with......
Bro was scaring me a little... He had NO fear
Only daddy would MAKE him get in the water

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A slight "disagreement"

Ben and I have been in a "disagreement" Over Brogan's hair! I know, I know, it seems really stupid, But it is driving me crazy! Ben won't let me cut it and I think he looks like a girl! Maybe if I get some opinions, it might help sway one of us! I thought it was the mom that is supposed to not be able to let go of her kids hair... NOT ME! I can't handle when little boys have long hair.. WHY? they are boys! I don't mean to take anything away from brogan and his cuteness! I still think he is adorable, I just think He would look better with out the hair! What do ya'll think? Don't be too mean.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

4 Years have come and gone.....

Okay, Have I been in a deep sleep for the past 4 years... I SERIOUSLY can't believe that 4 years have come and gone since Ben and I were married! No offense but it is kind of weird that we celebrate anniversaries because in the eternal scheme of things it really means nothing...... I don't mean to downplay the love and hard work that goes into a marriage such as ours, but no matter how many Anniversaries we celebrate here on earth, it doesn't even compare to the eternity that I KNOW I will spend with my hubby! Anyways, sorry for that deep thought... We celebrated our 4 year by just taking a night to ourselves! We stayed a night in this really cute hotel in Scottsdale. Ben took me out for sushi (of coarse) and than we just relaxed for like 17 hours straight! It was great! I love my husband and I am so thankful for these past 4 years of my life! I love that he can make me laugh and always knows how to make me feel better when I am having a hard day! He is the BEST! (the pics above are a little weird because I cut them apart from a scrap book page.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who needs a pool?

When I need a little break, I just let the boys play out back in the hose and it usually tires them out and they will take a nice LONG nap for me! Well the other day Vance says, "Mom, look, I made a swimming pool! Yep. thats my genius kid! LOL. He seriously would not take his head out of the bucket! I am glad my neighbors didn't peek over the fence... they would have thought I was drowning my kid! Ah man.. I love Vance!


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