Saturday, December 18, 2010

PJ Cheistmas Party

I went to Vance's Montessori School for his Christmas party. They all wore pj's and watched movies. We made a couple cute little things to take home, like the sock snowman picutered above. Vance is serioulsy so cute at school. All the kids love hima nd he is kind of the life of the party. It makes me so happy to see that is nice to everyone in his class.

Vance with one of his friends Gabe
Vance and his head teacher, Miss Lynn. She is so awesome. Vance adores her
Vance and his little friend Charity. He is alwasy telling us how nice "Charity" is
When we left his school, we were in the car and Vance said "Mom, I am so happy you came to my school today because you are so much prettier than all the other mom." Wow.. Vance, my little ladies man. He alwasy knos how to boost my ego. Vance is growing so fast. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time to enjoy his sweet little compliments and actions toward me.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elder Scheurn

my aunt just sent me this on my phone. I really wish I was there, but its ok. im so happy for him.
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Goodbye to Rhett... Hello to Elder Scheurn

Today is a very bitter sweet day. I am so sad that I am not back home in AZ to see my baby brother off on his mission. I have been up since 5:30 just wishing I was there. Out of all my Brothers, Me and Rhett seem to be the most alike.... along with that, we sometimes clash, but we always get over any little thing that comes between us. Rhett has been a huge blessing to all of us in the Scheurn Family. I honestly vote Rhett the BEST uncle in the world. My kids adore him. although I am feeling homesick, I know that it is Elder Scheurn's time to go serve the Lord. People are WAITING for him in Italy. We are so Proud of him. He has been an example to everyone around him. I love him so much. I feel very blessed that he was able to come out in September and spend time with us. I will cherish all the memories we made. It was a blast. I know Rhett would not be where he is with out my awesome parents. Beside the spoiling.. ;) They have done such a good job raising their boys and getting them on missions. My mom is probably the best missionary mom EVER. I am sure she already had packages lined up ready to send to Rhett. My dad in AMAZING. He has pushed his sons to do whats right. It's hard to to bad things when you have an example like him. I love my family. I wish I could be there today as he starts his journey to the MTC. He will do great there. Everyone loves Rhett. I know that the Lors has sent him to the right place. He will fit right in with all the other handsome Italian boys;) We love you Rhett and we will miss you so much, but it will go by fast, so treasure it. Goodbye for 2 years!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love you (almost)

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 little boys on Santa

Santa, Santa, Santa. This was by far the best Santa I have ever seen. He was so nice to my kids and he made sure to tell them that the most important thing about Christmas is Christ. He told them that when they wake up Christmas Morning, the first thing they should do is sing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus. It was pretty cool.
My kids have been telling me what they want for Christmas and I will just say I can't think of something they DON'T want. Well it's funny how when Santa asks them, they become shy and can't think of anything. wow.

Santa was still talking even after they got off his lap.
About 3 days after this visit to Santa, we were driving in the car and Brogan said "Mom, I have to tell you something" "when I was sitting on Santa's lap, I was VERY VERY scared" hmmmmm
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I could do 5

I kept my niece and nephew over night and got them all ready for church by 9:30. I felt pretty awesome. :) It helps that they are a great group of kids!
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These boys! Gavin and Vance.... they are a month apart in age and they are so much alike. You would think that they have lived together in the same place thier whole lives. They are so stinkin cute together. If Gavin leaves our house, Vance will just talka bout him until he sees him again. Of course boys will be boys and they are a little crazy when they get together, but it makes it just that much cuter.

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Target Practice

Call us rednecks, but we love to shoot! I got a new gun as kind of a Christmas present and i couldn't wait to shoot it. We all went out to Mike's (Ben's Brother) house where he has built a pretty nice shooting range. I LOVE shooting. I can't really even say why but I just do. I also like to know that incase of an emergency (home invasion) or something I might be able to protect my family. Vance has a 22 that he likes to shoot. Of course we are VERY careful with him around and we drill the rules into his head. He is good about being safe.

Ben Helping him load it.
All by himself. Pretty impressive
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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Day of Thanks

THANKSGIVING WAS A HIT. I can't believe how scared I was to host Thanksgiving ALL by myself. Ben's Brother and his 3 kids, and Ben's father came, So really it was not that many people, but I am NOT a cook. There are a few things that I make that are really good, but for the most part, I am a frozen dinner kind of girl. Like I said, the turkey was awesome and everything else turned out perfectly. The kids were all so good and we really just enjoyed each other. I couldn't have asked for a better day. After we ate, the boys played out side for a long time. Ben was trying his hardest to set up a baseball game, but he was dealing with a bunch of crazy little boys. I was exhausted. I can't believe I did this, but While everyone was playing, I went in my dark room and fell asleep. I woke up to a clean kitchen and the boys playing Wii. PERFECT! I will totally do this again next year:)
My Mac n' cheese... Must say, to die for!
Me and Brogie Bear
I tried this new recipe for these pecan cookie bars. EVERYBODY loved them. Them men were fighting over them at the end of the night

Brogan and sweet Mariah
The only girl, mariah Just played with the water. (I know how she feels being out numbered)
It was SOOOOOO sad watching Brogan try to play with a broken collar bone
He just sat out after a while


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