Friday, August 19, 2011

School is back in service!

Okay, so after a very long, hard summer of going back and forth on what to do, we finally made the decision to retain Vance in Kindergarten. Last year we came to AZ toward the end of the year and it was very hard for Vance to make the change from Montessori to public school. His teacher last year said she thought it was best for him. It was such a hard choice to make but we did it. He is actually a May Birthday so he won't be too much older than the other kids. He really has know understanding of it, and I am happy that is like that. He just think he is going back to start a new year with a new teacher. Just even within the last 2 weeks I have seen that I made the decision that is best for Vance. Vance is the most important thing.

Can you tell we are BOTH excited that school is starting?

He was not to thrilled about being next to girls

the goodbye hug. I love this.

I put Brogan at Sunrise Preschool. It is not exactly cheap, but after researching most, I decided this would be the best thing for him. When we all went to Vance's open house, Vance's teacher asked if brogan was his older brother. He is just so big that he doesn't really look quite like a pre-schooler. I feel like he should be older... but he is only 4:) His first day was so great! He couldn't stop talking about it. It has been so great for him to get out on his own and discover new things. Sometimes I tend to baby Brogan because he knows just how to get to my heart. I was a little worried that he would have a hard time away from me, but not even once. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about it. He is school is Tues, Wed and Thurs from 8:30 to 2:30 which is actually a long day for a pre-schooler. He has loved every second of it. His teacher already told me that the girls fight over who is going to lay by him at rest time...... not cool.

I am so proud of my 2 boys. They are so smart and such hard little workers. I am so happy for them that they get to be where they love to be. As for me... what can I say? I am loving a little extra breathing room. It is just me and my little buddy Grey at home and he is loving it as much as I am. It is so perfect because by the time school is over, I am missing them both and can't wait to get them. I hope and pray everything keeps going as smoothly as it has been.
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good Ol' PPP

I met up with Jessica to have a fun little lunch out with the kids. Including hers, mine and one that she babysits, we have 5 very small children. It actually went surprisingly well. We burned through 100 tokens with ease. BOTH Brogan and Annie won the jackpot on 2 different games. On top of that, the guy at the ticket counter was awesome and hooked the kids up. I just love nice people!

ok, Grey will jump off a diving board but won't ride one of these! What the heck? I love how Jessica is laughing at him. So nice

I wish I could say Jessica wanted to be in here, but her kid kept going up and getting stuck.

Brogan totally snuck in this picture. Just like his mom:)

just some of the prizes we took home

they are going to HATE us when they are older. Brogan and Aniston have a total love hate relationship... (more hate) Annie is so much mature and she can't understand why he is so "annoying". I just have to laugh at it. The funny thing is that me and Jessica try to force them to like eachother and we do crap like this..... I can't help myself.

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Same ol' activity.

What else are we supposed to do in 115 degree weather? My kids are seriously so good at swimming. I just love it because I get sun while my kids get tired out. I am just trying to catch up my blog with most of our summer pics. You can imagine I have about 5 million:)

Brogan hangin'
my toes....?

Grey the swimmer at age one!

this is his "back dive" my boys are crazy

more Grey

and more

and more

LOVE LOVE LOVE his little feet!

This really does not look like Bro

and the overload:)

What would I have done this summer without a pool?
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lake trip

My cousin Tanner took us out to the lake on his boat. It was such a blast. My Aunt Jami kept Grey so we could enjoy the big boys a little more. Vance and Brogan wer naturals. Vance even got up on the WAKE SKATE with Ben. The have not stopped asking when we are going back. My kids were born to be in the water!

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Weight Checks

I took all 3 boys in for Weight Checks for our insurance company. I want to make sure I have it all recorded.
Brogan Benjamin
4 years and 8 months
Weight: 47lb
Height: 44.25 inches
97th percentile (he is now on the chart. he has always been over 100%)

Vance Turner
6 years and 2 months
Weight: 49lb
Height: 46 inches
46th percentile

Bennett Grey
1 year and 10 months
weight: 39lb
Height: 33 inches
78th Percentile (not adjusted. age from his actual birth date. he is a big little guy. I cant believe how far he has come!)

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Random, fun pics

I just wanted to post these random, fun pictures. I love all their personalities!

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