Monday, March 30, 2009

My non-productive weekend....

Ahhhh...... ok I have no idea what to do with myself. Well lets start with Saturday...
10:30am - wake up
11:30am - Ben made pizza and egg salad for lunch
12:30pm - decided that I wanted to take the boys to chain O lakes national park
1:00pm -decided that I was too tired so I went to sleep
4:30pm - woke up from my nap with plans to make dinner
5:00pm - way too tired..... we went to Steak n shake Mmmmm
after dinner we went car shopping while I complained the WHOLE time because I wanted to go home......
8:00pm - put the boys to bed so I could go to bed.
11:00pm - Called ben to make me food and bring it upstairs...
11:10pm - complained that his food wasn't good enough so I sent him back down to remake it...
(I think I am a monster)
As for sunday... it was kind of the same story but I DID TRY to go to church, but half way through I was hungry, tired and cranky so I left early. (hoping for half the blessings?)
11:30am - woke up to a clean house and kids fed..... Thanks honey.
12:30pm blogging......
and now I will go to sleep........
I am blaming this all on my choice to give up caffine. Maybe I should just give in and have a darn Mountain Dew? Any other suggestions?
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starting to worry...

we are starting to wory about Brogans vision because this is how he HAS to watch TV. He also Can't run fast without seriously tripping over his own feet. I think I will take him to the eye Dr soon. I know most kids like to sit close to the TV but he can't back away without sqinting..... (sorry about the underwear shot)
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technologically adVANCEd...(is that how you spell that?)

Vance can work my iphone better than I can. He knows how to use it perfectly. It is kind of annoying because he wants to be on it all the time. I normally don't mind because it keeps him busy, but it means I don't have it when I need it.
He loves listening to music on it. Esspecially daddy's rap music. (clean of coarse)
I downloaded little preschool apps for him. He actually learns a lot form them.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Benner

Ben has really stepped up to the plate since I have been so sick and tired. He has been cooking and cleaning and trying to make things easier on me. I feel bad because I have been such a bum. I don't ever remember feeling this wiped out before when I was pregnant. I have been sleeping in until around 10:30 everyday and ben hasn't said one thing about it. He has always been the one to get up early with the kids but right now I really appreciate him. I went to get left over mashed patatoes out of the fridge tonight and found this. I love him. How come such small things can make you feel so good?
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yes I realize that he is eating his sweethearts off the floor, but he was being so cute. I love ALL of his precious little body parts. He is so sweet. I just can't get enough of him.


Vance has been going to school for 2 months now and I keep meaning to blog about it. Well... hear it is. Aldersgate prechool. He loves it. I love watching him walk in so confident with his little backpack. Brogan goes too, but only 2 days a week. It has been such a nice break for me. I normally get everything done while they are at school. I will post their art work soon......
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Needing Major help!!!

So I have done hair for 6 years now and I have NEVER colored my own hair! I guess it is because ALL of my friends do hair and they have always been available for me! Well, I have had to take the leap and do it my self. Let me just say it was a terrible mess! I had color all over my face, back, arms, floor and everything else in my bathroom. I also said I was never going to go black again because of what a project it is to lighten in. Oh well... I was desperate!
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Friday, March 20, 2009

It is now real!

I was not going to go to the Dr until I was 12 weeks but Of coarse I was bleeding so I had to go in sooner. I bled with Bro Bro so I wasn't too worried but I just wanted to make sure. Turns out the baby is great! I just have to take it easy so the bleeding will stop. He told me not to lift anything heavy... Really? I have to lift my boys! I love picking them up and holding them. I will be so sad when the day comes when they are too big for that. Anyways... Vance is so dang cute. I really should not have told him about the baby so soon because he wants it NOW! He keeps telling me to get it out of my tummy and if I do then he will take care of it. He always asks if he can sit on my lap and he promises "not to hurt the baby". Every day he has a different opinion about the gender. Sometimes it is his sister and sometimes it is a brother. Only time will tell:) The Dr also confirmed a due date because I had no idea when my last "cycle" was. He said I was 8 weeks and due November 3, 2009. You would think that with a 3rd baby it wouldn't be as exciting, but it is so amazing to see that little heart beat. I am so excited for this little baby to grow and come out and meet us all.
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Sometimes you just HAVE to get away!!

This weekend we took a quick trip to Miami for a little R&R. We were going to go to Bermuda but I couldn't get my passport in time so Miami tooks it's place. I LOVE MIAMI. Ben and I have been there a couple times before and I love it more and more everytime. It is so entertaining. I would never take my kids there, but I could go 5 times a year. We only stayed 3 days and I think that was the perfect amount of time to be away. I miss my kids way too much when I am with out them for too long. We went to South Beach the first day and I was extremely stupid and got SOOOO sunburned. I thought that I was unable to really get sunburnt! I had to keep on Dramamine every 24 hours our the morning sickness would take over. Luckily I felt pretty good and I wasn't too much of a nightmare for Ben.

Ok.... does any one else see the dead guy in the background.... creepy. This is how I got fried!

South Beach..... before the crowd

Everytime we go to Miami, Ben makes me eat Argentine food..... (that is where he served his mission) We went to this Argentine Steak house and it was AMAZING! We shared the biggest steak I have ever seen! This was after Ben and I had all ready had our share!
Seriously!? ONLY in Miami!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

I CAN"T keep a secret

I tried.... but I am just too excited!
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be Careful, He might eat you....

If you have ever eaten a meal with Brogan then, this is no big shocker, But we went to Golden Corral and we could not get Bro to stop eating! He eats so much! It ihas to be a problem?! I think this is why wears 5T shitrs!
Do you see the amount of pizza slices he ate.... plus everything else! Mac n cheese, Spegetti, corn!
and don't forget dessert!
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More pics from the south!

Okay, so I HATE peanuts so when Ben first told me about boiled peanuts, I said I would never try them! Well...... I am in love! The sell them on evey corner in little stands and they are so yummy! They taste nothing like regular peanuts. I am going to make my own batch soon!
Bro Bro loves veiws from up high. He loved being on the 8th floor of the Crown Plaza in Hotlanta~
this is why I think I got fat on our trip! Bojangles and Zaxbys~ I couldn't get enough. Serioulsy! SO GOOD
I don't think I need to explain....
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So much for getting away from the snow! It snowed 6 inches in Georgia while we were there! Can you guess how often that happends in the south! NOT OFTEN! But of coarse my luck brings the snow! It followed us! Everyone was outside playing in it, acting like they had never seen snow before! We saw like 8 snowmen in a mile!

Snowing on the Chattahoochie river! Wierd!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Cities

We have driven all over the south and it is ALL beautiful!

I think this is the state capital of South Carolina...... Can't really remeber, we went to a lot of cities...

WE love SC's plate...
Augusta, GA... not much to see... kind of dirty
But.... This is where the Master's is played and it was really cool to see
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ONLY in Georgia!

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Enjoying Atlanta

We found this really cute park and the weahter was beautiful, so we let the kids play for awhile.... They just loved to be outdoors and run around.
They love going on walks with daddy!
What is wrong with my kids! I think that traveling has messed up their schedule!
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So I said I would NEVER go private but I have decided to due to trying to expand my business. If you would like to be added to read my blog, leave your email as a comment on any post or email me at I hope to do this within the next couple days. thanks!