Friday, December 25, 2009

Visiting the Missionaries

Bens parents are currently serving a full time Mission at the Allen County Public Library. The geneology library is the second largest in the world with over 350,000 printed volumes and over 500,000 microfilm and microfiche. It is a cooperating partner with the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. His parents are responsible for digitizing the 350,000 plus printed volumes of geneology (books) sitting on shelves at the library. They then become joint property of the church and ACPL and can be viewed by anyone in the world in digital format. Brogan is helping is Grandpa here. (future missionary)
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Allen County Library

This is our new favorite place. The downtown library is so fun for the kids! They have a HUGE childrens area with so much for the kids to do. Vance asks me everyday if we can go to the "Libeary" because he loves it so much.
There is a big reaing tower that the boys can read in
there is also a huge fish tank with "Dori and Nemo" :)
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

David Archuleta

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts for Baby Jesus

Vance had a Christmas party at his school and all the kids brought gifts for "baby Jesus" and then the school donated them to a shelter. I love that his school teaches him the important things. We were driving in the car before his party and Vance said, "Mom, I am so happy". I asked him why his was so happy and he said, "Because, Jesus died for all the children so they can live and be happy. I am a little child, so I am happy." I am so thankful for our church and the gospel. I love that my kids can learn these things at such a young age. I can just see the light of christ through them, and I love all the sweet little things they teach me.
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Bro got it cut

Ben finally let me cut Brogan's hair off! Yay.... he looks like such a cute little man. I love it so mch better. He was being silly and wouldn't let me take a good pic. Oh well, you get the idea
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Vance's Christmas Program

Vance made his big debut at his school during his Christmas program. His school, Emmaus Lutheran, is such an awesome school. We thought it would be best to put him in a private school and I am SOOOO happy we did. He has done so well with his classmates and his teacher is fantastic. We love her. Vance was so dang cute up on the big stage. He was so excited to see us with the cameras on him. He kept pointing to us and trying to tell his friends where we were. His little songs and actions were so sweet. I can't beleive how much he is growing up. He is getting so big and he puts a smile on my face everyday.
this was all the classes together. grades 1 through 6 did their program on another night.
Vance with his teacher, Mrs. Swartz. We couldn't ask for a better teacher!
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Not just dreaming of a white Christmas!

Saturday we woke up to the first substantial snow fall of the year. It was beautiful, just under 30 degrees with a soft powdery snow. It snowed about 3-4 inches. The kids were so excited to go play in the snow. Ben went out to shovel the driveway, and with the accumulated snow He and the boys built a snowman named "Jack". They had such a good time. I spent much of the time on the front porch snapping photos. I was freezing, granted I was just wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, but the boys didn't mind the cold at all. In fact I think they would have played outside all day, if I would have allowed it. Of course, Ben had to put a Georgia hat on Jack. We had to make due with rocks out the front yard to substitute the eyes made out of coal, and the carrot for a nose. We then sat around the fireplace watching Sponge Bob and sipping hot chocolate. What a nice relaxing day. 3 days until Christmas. It's snowing right now, and should continue for the next 3 days. We are planning on sledding for Christmas! This will be our first white christmas as a family! Actually... It will be my first white Christmas EVER!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

baby update

At 2 moths, Grey is still pretty much acting like a newborn becuase he should just now be coming out of my tummy. This has been a very long, hard last 2 months, but it is now all falling together. He is susch a sweet little spirit and we are blessed to have him in our home. He is about 8lbs at 2 months but he is growing everyday.
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Brogan turns 3

My sweet Bro Bro is 3! I just love this kid so much! we took him bowling with his cousins and he had a blast. He relaly didn't need much help carrying and throwing the bowling ball. He is 3 and he is 45 lbs. He is so big for his age. he wears nothing smaller than a 5t. He is just a big teddy bear!

Bro with Grandma and Grandpa... his hair is out of control... I know
Brogan is a total Mama's boy and I love it. He loves to be on my lap and cuddle when I'm watching TV. He is so funny because he copies Everything his older brother Vancie does. He is always thinking about his brother and wants to buy him things. Everything Brogan says begins with "I need to tell you somfing" He says it in between sentences and it gets a little annoying but I appreciate all his sweet little qwarky things he does. He can't live without his blakies, "cowboy B" and "Army Man" (thats what he calls them) He eats so much! He loves Pasta and Pizza and Chicken. Every meal he asks for chicken! He loves Thomas, Lighting Mcqueen, Spongbob and most of all Optimus Prime! Don't ever call him Bumble Bee because he will correct you! He always tells me randomly that I'm pretty and when I tell him hes handsome, he says "No I'm AWESOME!" Also, if you call him Brogan, he likes to say "call me Bro Bro". He really thinks his given name in Bro Bro. He just lights up my life along with my other boys! Happy Birthday Brogan!!!!
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