Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Birth

Well, it has been since weeks since I had sweet little Grey so I figure I should get this post out of the way. I will try to make a long story short. I had been in the hospital for 5 weeks and I was so ready to have this baby! Just about every 2 days they were having to stop my labor and it was getting really old. On September 10, My perinatologist came to see me and saw the amount of pain I was in due to my kidneys being blocked off and he explained to me that we may just be better off getting the baby out and off the pain meds. With in 5 minutes of that conversation he had done an Amnio and an ultrasound! He is the most amazing kind Dr. He is so good at what he does and that is why he is very well known around the mid-west. Every one was shocked because the ultrasound said the baby weight over 5 lbs! for 32 weeks that is huge. My Dr said he felt very confident about getting the baby out and getting me healthy again. SO.... the next day (the 11th) they started inducing me at 7am I was at a 3 so they gave me my epidural then too. after about 5 hours of laboring, NOTHING was happening and I was still at a 3! Of course, when we finally tell the baby it is ok to come, he wont! So I went all day and all night and the next morning the dr said he was going to break my water. After he did that, I notices that there was no "gush of fluids" be he said it was probably because the baby's head was blocking it. well after another 5 hours, the nurse checked me again and STILL AT A 3! well my nurse said she didn't think my water was really broken. sure enough.... it wasn't. She then broke it and 30 minutes later, we had a baby. It was all just because of my stupid water not breaking. By this time, I had no epidural and my same anesthesiologist had gone home so there was nothing they could do for me. I will say I have NEVER felt pain like that! When I had Vance, my epidural wore off a "little bit" and I thought THAT was terrible..... NOPE! nothing even compares to natural child birth. On the up side, it was nice to not be numb and be able to walk as soon as I popped him out. So that is how it all went down. A little dramatic, but all very worth it. Besides the fact that that he was 2 months early he was such a little trooper. He was 4lbs 11oz and very healthy for a 32 weeker. He had to be rushed to the nicu for obvious reasons but the drs were all very impressed with him. I can't believe that amount of relief I got from that little 4lb baby coming out of me. I went from extreme pain and feeling like I just wanted to die, to feeling so free and healthy. The recovery was by far the longest of my 3 kids of course, but considering the facts, I thought I felt great. It has been a very long, but short 6 weeks at the same time. Grey was in the the NICU for 3 1/2 weeks because he couldn't maintain his body temp. They sent him home on October 7 with a heart and lung monitor and he is doing awesome! He was up to 6.4 at his first weight check. I am so blessed to have all these tender mercies. I think things should have been a lot harder but they weren't. My mom was here for a long time helping me with EVERYTHING! Not only did she cook, clean and babysit, she kept me sane and helped me remember that I can get through all of this. I love her so much. Ben has been such and amazing dad. He pretty much had to step it up and play single dad for 2 months and he did great. He is so good with all the boys and I am so thankful for him. I am so blessed to have such great friends and family. I have received so many cute and fun packages in the mail from my friends back home in AZ and I appreciate ALL of it. I am so happy for all of this to be over and now I can just focus on my sweet little boys!

Right after delivery
Working on him so I could hold him before he went off to NICU
I hated these tubes! I was so happy when he only had to have them for a short time
Mommy time in NICU before they sent me home with out my baby;)
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Still here!

Sweet Baby Grey is still in the hospital, But he is quite the little fighter! They thought that he was close to coming home a couple of times, but he cant keep his temp up. He cant hold his temp outside of the warmer so he has to stay there. Today he weighed 5lbs 6oz, so he is getting up there in weight. He brings me so much peace and joy even though he is not home with me yet. I LOVE going down to the hospital to feed him and just spend quiet time with him. All the nurses talk about how cute and sweet he is. Just today, his nurse told me that he is one of the most content little babies she has ever seen. It is amazing how his sweetness rubs off on all of us! I can't wat to have him home so I can just stare at him all day:)


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