Monday, February 20, 2012

Christmas in 2001

Christmas was fantastic this year. We were so blessed to have so much! The boys were so excited and I feel like this was the first year that truly understood the meaning behind this special holiday. I had sooo much fun shopping this year. For the first time ever, I took advantage of black Friday, so I most of my shopping done early. The Boys got play station hand helds along with a lot of other fun stuff. They were so cute and appreciative. Everything went so smoothly and I was so grateful for that. We had Ben's family over for Christmas Eve, and then we went to my parents Christmas Day where the kids got to play with all their cousins. I think all our boys thought the day was pretty perfect. All my pictures are out of order, but I can explain.

The boys got a fish tank. They were THRILLED. They have actually made great little pets and they have all been really good helpers taking care of them. Their names... Costco (which Vance later changed to Target) Clowny and Soldier.

Lovin the Christmas Pj's on Christmas Eve

Just woke up

Vance had the cutest Christmas program. I know I am his mom but I proudly say that he was the cutest!!! He is so animated, it really is hard to watch anyone else on the stage. He knew all his songs perfectly. Mom (mima) and my Grandma (Cita) made him sooooo happy by coming to watch!

Proud Grandma's

Vance had a pretty awesome Christmas Party, and he was nice enough to let Brogan come:)

Playing in the "snow"

Almost forgot, One of the best parts of the morning was when we went to my parents to skype with my baby Brother Rhett that is serving a mission in Italy. He is having the time of his life and LOVING the work.

Emma, Brogan and Noah talking to Anziano Scheurn

At the ward Christmas party. The kids were HYPED up on sweets

Over all such a great year! Christmas was an awesome way to close up the year of 2011. I LOVE my family and feel so blessed to be so lucky!
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Hi! We are alive and doing well! Im pretty stressed about trying to catch my blog up, so I am going to try over the next 2 days to catch up. I don't realize how great the blog is until I go back and read. I really need to keep up! here's to trying!
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday once again

My sweet amazing hard working husband turned 32 last week. It was a pretty great day for him! My dad gave us tickets to go watch him play in the phoenix pro am onthe day of his birthday.. it was soooo beautiful. The weather was perfect and I got to spend some pretty quality time with my birthdqy boy. Thanks dad for the tickets! That night Ben was lucky enough to be able to pick up his parents from the airport who came out to visit us from Georgia. Thenext day we had a Cowart family dinner at Red lobster to celebrate. It was all perfect. My parents also gave him a pretty generous gift card to one of Ben's favorite places. Also, on the sunday before, my family in phoenix celebrated his birthday with some amazing cooking. We are surrounded with amazing people. I am so luck to have my benny. He is pretty perfect for me. I am so glad that he got to have a wonderful birthday this year!


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