Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Children of God

YES yes... I know... this is not very good of me to be taking pictures in the chapel, but when you have a Mom that lives across the coutry, you gotta do what you gotta do to help her be a part of your life. I am so proud of my boys for thier part in this years primary program. The weirdest part is that I feel like it was yesterday that I was up there trying to steal the show. They both said thier parts perfectly and actually did ok sitting next to eachother. WAY TO GO VANCE AND BRO!

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Terrible Scare

NOTHING is more painful than watching your child in pain. Our sweet Grey has proven to us that he has many allergies. We have known for a while that he is allergic to Mosquitos and Shell fish, but nothing could have prepared me for this last trip to the ER. We woke up one morning to Grey (who is usally a very happy camper in the morning) Very upset. His whole body was covered in hives.... The worst case I have ever seen. (The picture above is after multiple doses of Benadryl). Honestly, I had no idea what it was because it looked so bad. I thought for sure he had some terrible disease or something. The Dr knew right away that it was hives. He gave us 2 rx's and sent us on our way. We kept him on Benadryl every 4 hours and COVERED him in anti-itch meds. It lasted for 3 days, peaking and subsiding. We have NO IDEA what has caused this break out. We will be at the allergist soon to find out what it is. Hopefully I can keep him protected til we get to the bottom of it. It is so hard watching him suffer. I love my kids so much and whenever they are sick I just wish more than anything I could take it away from them. They hives are gone for now, only to reveal the poor scratch marks he has left from his constant scratching.
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Friends at the beach

My friend Jodi and I went to the beach the other day with just Brogsn. It was SO fun. I can't even imagine life with one child, but I can guess it is pretty easy:) Jodi got some sun and, Me and Bro walked up and down the beach. I don't know what makes me love the beach so much, because truth be told.... I HATE sand and I Hate loading up children after a day at teh beach. I still would never turn down a beach day. It is one of my most favorite places right now, because it takes my mind off the daily stresses of life.
Brogan was posing by the jetties when a wave came over. It was too funny. After that, he made a game of it.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Silly boys at the park

Ok, It really doesn't get better than this. The weather is amazing and Savannah is beautiful. Sometimes I am a party pooper and I would rather not get everyone out to the park. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by My 3 boys. Sometimes I just want to be lazy, But I always LOVE when I decide to get off my butt and get some fresh air. I love these pictures of me and my baby. He is just so sweet... again props go to Ben for the photography:)
Of course with 3 boys, there has to be football!

Sweet Grey. Ben HATES that I sometimes turn family outings into photo shoots.... Sorry babe, I can't help it. It might be a sickness.

I wish this picture (above) wasn't blurry:( He was laughing so hard in the swing at the park. I just loved watching him. Grey is more of a serious baby, so when I get excited to see him laughing so hard!
why can't I just get ONE good picture of the three of them. i don't think it will ever happen.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

haircuts and more haircuts

This little Grey bug needs a hair cut like EVERY week. Luckily, he is good and likes sitting in the big boy chair to get it cut. He just doesn't like the cape too much. Yeah I pretty much think he is adorable:)
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My Gaurdian Angel

this is my sweet Angela Simmons. she has been so inspiring and such a great example to me. the first time I ever saw her was when she stood up to bare her testimony on her first sunday at church...EVEN BEFORE SHE HAD BEEN BAPTIZED! She explained that 2 angels in suits found her and saved her life. she also reassured all of us that this is the church she wants to be a part of and she just couldn't describe the happy feeling she got when she walked in our church. I have grown close to her and her sweet spirit. When my mom came out to visit us, she too took a liking to her. My mom exchanged addresses with her and they have been pen pals ever since. Every sunday Sister Simmons makes sure she hunts me down to ask me how I am. She says my mom tells her to check in on me so she does. I love feeling loved. I love that my mom goes a round-a-bout way of making sure im happy and health:). Sister Simmons is just so dang cute. Her strong testimony will always be stuck in my mind. She is a strong reminder that this church is true. Im thankful for all these little divine interventions that I have in my life.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

For my mom

Ok.... So I hate music on blogs. Mainly because I like to read blogs when my kids are in bed and the house is quiet. I hate when I don't realize that my volume is up on my computer and all of the sudden I am blasted by some random song that I didn't choose to hear. Well, I gave in. But only for my mom because she kept telling me to. She said it really sets the mood for her. So mom, I have finally done it... For you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing on Skidaway Island

I feel a little vain posting these pics, But I thought they were kind of cool pictures. We went out to Skidaway Island to just get out of the house and let the boys run off their energy at the park. Ben ended up Snapping some pictures of me that I actually thought were ok. It's hard for pictures to be bad with scenery like this. This is why I love the Savannah.

OK.... I LOVE TO SWING. I would honestly swing all day if I could. I had way too much fun on these swings!
Multi-tasking.... taking a phone call
Me and Bugaboo
Me and Greybie again
Big blue eyed Grey, Stuck in a slide
SO funny. the kids loved the whole in this slide. These pictures crack me up
Come on Grey... He was really trying to climb the slide, but no success
And now the green eyes in the slide. Brogan

My Sister for ETERNITY!

Ben's sister Heather got sealed last month in the Columbia SC Temple. It was so awesome to see her and see almost the whole Cowart family be together. Heather's husband (who's name is also Ben) is such a great guy. He is so kind and he handles the Cowart chaos very well. Everything went smoothly and we all just had fun being with each other. Heather looked beautiful. I had a good time photographing her because she is so photogenic. Congratulations Heather and Ben. We all love you guys and wish you the best of luck through out eternity.
Poor Heather.... 4 moths pregnant and Severely diabetic. Sche had to slow down a couple times during her reception, but she was a trooper!
Just some of the gang. We are missing 3 siblings and 2 spouses, but you get the point.
sisters. I LOVE having these sisters. I am often sad I don't have any biological sisters, but these girls step in and fill that place perfectly.
6 of 9 Cowart kids. Alison, Steven, David, Heather, Michael.. and of course the best for last, Ben!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oatland Island

A couple mile from our house, we have Oatland Island. It is so fun for the kids and the beauty of it is amazing. It is kind of a mini zoo. They have all sorts of birds, Alligators, Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Bob Cats and more. And the best part is that the kids are free and the adults are only $5. As I was walking around the Island, I just couldn't believe that I live in a place like this. It is so beautiful. I don't know what it will be like for me when we do end up moving back out west.
my monkey
My other monkey
such a cheezer
sweet Grey
Ok seriously.... I think this pig is over fed!

Looking at the Bob Cat
Learning about Alligators

baby Alligator that JUST hatched
me and my boys exploring the big boat on the river bank


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