Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maniacs! But we love them!

Vance, Brogan and Anaston....Hmmmm! Even though it is a little strange, I just love adding a girl into my chaotic boy world! Annie Belongs to my friend Jessica so these 3 kids hang out quite often. The are so dang funny together. Poor Bro gets left out because Vance and Annie are "in love"! Since Brogan and Annie are only 3 weeks apart we try to force them to be friends and quite frankly they just don't like each other. It is sad. I really can't even explain this picture below but this is just how they act around each other!
They will hate us when they are older!
Swimming in November! SO FUN for the kids!
I know you think we posed them like this... but we DIDN'T! We caught them!

The big TWO

Bro Bro turned 2 on the 9th and a figured I better document it. We just had a small get together at Peter Piper Pizza. Of coarse all the kids had so much fun and Brogan just sat at the table and ate pizza the WHOLE time. He was really cute opening up his presents. he got a lot of fun things from friends and family! I can't believe how big he is getting! Seriously, we joke that he is taking Steroids that we don't know about;) at his 2 year appointment his head was the only thing on the charts at 92%. He is so cute and fun, he is starting to talk in full sentences and loves to copy his big bro Vance! We totally enjoy having him. Sad..... that he is getting so old so quick!
Always Eating! I am not even kidding!well I am totally dumb and I bought Bro a 1 year old candle! we used it on his cousin Veronica who turned one that day!My wrapping job! Yes.... that is electrical tapeBrogan and his FAVORITE aunt HederCute pic of Annie and JessThis picture make me feel weird!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back from the dead!

life has been kind of a nightmare lately! I have been really sick with bladder problems and no one can seem to tell me what is going on! Doctors kept telling me that I was getting kidney infections, but after months of ER trips they decided to look deeper into it and realized that I had never had an infection. I went through so many appointments and different opinions and finally I had a Urologist tell me that he thinks I might have bladder cancer and he need to do a biopsy asap. The biopsy came back negative for cancer and the Doc said he had a pretty good idea of what was wrong........ well...... 2 weeks after the biopsy, things took a turn for the worse. I was just released form the hospital last night after being stuck there for 4 days! It was terrible! I had tubes coming from everywhere and I felt the worse I have ever felt. On the fourth day my Doctor went in and fixed things the best he could, but we still don't know what is wrong. I just want to say thanks to ALL those who have helped me through this hard time! I have some awesome friends who have done so much for me! I also have seen the power of the priesthood stronger than ever over the past couple days. I am so thankful for my sweet husband and parents! Ben has been so good with the kids and playing Mr. Mom! my ward has also been a great help. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on so I will do that as soon as I am a little more up to it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A week full of events!

Halloween was quite the production this year. I think all the events lasted about a week and Vance still doesn't want to take his costume off! Being the slacker that I am, I had no idea what the boys were going to be until their preschool told me about their "Fall Festival" the night before it was supposed to take place! I had to depend on good old AZ mills to find some awesome Halloween deals. For some reason I have always hated generic Disney costumes, But when you see how happy your kid gets over a light up Cars costume, you just can't say no! (especially when it is 50% off) I was luckier with Brogan because he is not quite old enough to care so I got to dress him in what I wanted. The Children's Place had this cute cowboy costume that I fell in love with. The only one left was a 4T so we had to make do with a few safety pins! The boys had such a fun time at their school party. They loves all the activities and the "nacks" (snacks). On Halloween night we went to the Nixon's for yummy chili and hotdogs. We all had a blast taking the kids trick or treating. I was worn out by 8:00 and ready for bed but, of coarse the boys were on a complete sugar high so they got to stay up a little later than usual. I think my brother Walker wins the best costume award. I don't really know what he "was" but it was pretty funny.


So I said I would NEVER go private but I have decided to due to trying to expand my business. If you would like to be added to read my blog, leave your email as a comment on any post or email me at I hope to do this within the next couple days. thanks!