Sunday, March 28, 2010

Workin' the shades

I actually was able to pull brogans sunglasses away from him long enough to try on Baby Grey. Grey seemed to think it was the funniest thing ever.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I might need a muzzle...

A day at Walmart with Vance....
"hey mom look at that baby, he's just like our baby....but our baby IS NOT black" good thing the parents could laugh it off.

"oh my gosh, can people hurry up and move faster" I said, "Vance there is an old man in a wheelchair so we need to be patient. Vance says "ok" then he walks slowly past this eldery man and says " my mom doesn't need one of those crazy things because my mom is a mom, AND SHE CAN WALK!"
Omg what do you do as a mother when your kid is very quick witted and says EVERYTHING on his mind! We laugh now but I hope it stops soon. We have been trying to teach him respect but sometimes the don't understand when they need to use it most.

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Mr cool guys

My hottie little beach boys are now at peace with life we finally took them and im bretty sure we will spend all summer, everyday at the beach. I love that they just entertain eachother. Bro Bro kept saying, "VANCE, let's just lay on our towels like mr cool guys" so there you have it. 2 mr cool guys on the beach. I'm sure you will see more soon

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Why do boys think this is ok?

Oh probably because daddy says it's ok. The problem is that they can't get when it IS ok and when it's NOT!

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So many smiles

This kid has a permagrin! He is so funny. All you have to do is look at him and he will gladly show off his famous dimples. I know Vance was smily as a baby but I don't remember him being like this. Grey is just such a little ray of sunshine. He can sence when his grandma Cowart is coming into the room and he starts laughing before she even gets there. Poor grandma holds him ALL the time in her recliner because that's where he wants be;) he's getting so big. I just can't beleive it. I'm trying my hardest to remember and document each day because I've learned with the other ones that time goes way to fast

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Normal? or not?

My Brogan has all of the sudden gone back to speaking like a baby! UGH it is driving me nuts. He adds EE on the end of eveything thing even if it already has it. Like, Baby-ee or hotdog-ee or blankie-ee...... I think he is starting to get a little bit of middle child syndrome. He better get over it REAL quick!
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6 months (4 months)

Little Mr Grey Grey is 6 months!!!! I just can't believe it. He really should only be 4 months so he is very small. He's about 12 pounds now and he is all smiles! He is finally to the point where I can love on him all I want without worrying that I am going to hurt him. When I was pregnant with him, I would have sworn that he would be my little brown baby. Well, genetics are a crazy thing. So far I have made LIGHT skinned, blue eyed babies. I just don't get it. Grey is so bald compared to my other babies. It kind of drives me a little crazy. Those who know me, know that I love doing my kids hair and it frustrates me that Grey doesn't have any. He has the BIGGEST dimples just like my other boys. Eveyone has to stop me when I'm out to comment on them. He had such a rough start in this world and I am so happy to see him finding his place and being a happy little baby. Its so amazing that babies can be born at 32 weeks and be perfectly fine. I am thankful everyday for the blessing that he is.
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getting clean

OK SERIOUSLY........ boys are SO dirty! I just don't get it. This may sound bad but I really wish I didn't have to bath them so much. I guess it just comes with having boys. I could just make them stay inside all day but what would be fun about that?
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the mouth of a 4 year old

Vance was watching me blog and told me that he want to "say some stuff" so here goes.....
"My name is Vance. I love transformers. I want to go make a sword, so I can save my princess mom from the dragon. oh wait, I want to tell a story. Once there was a crab, he always crawls around and kills dinosaurs. He also likes to go down slides and watch movies at school. Mom did you know goats say Baa. Im done, lets go to the park"
That was word for word out of Vance. His little mind is so busy. He thinks about the weirdest things. I could sit and talk to him all day without getting bored. The other day I was in the car and I was talking to Ben about saving money and I hear a little voice from the back say "Mom, Mom! Save money, live better, WALMART!" He is so fuuny. We were watching Ice Age and it showed the boy and girl kissing and he said, "Mom, guess what they are going to do" Being a little worried at what he might say, I said "what?" he said, They are gonna go have a Valentines Party". hmmmmm where did that come from. those are just a few of the crazy and great things he says all day every day. I look forward to it everyday!
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Ok, so on May 31, 2005, I gave birth to my sweet Vance who weighed 6.14lbs (on his due date). On November 9, 2006 I had my little Brogan and he also weighed 6.14lbs! (3 weeks early) As a baby Brogan was always TINY! He could ever even make it on the growth charts. Bro Bro seriously grew over night at aout 14 months. Ever since, he has been huge. The other day I took them both to the Dr. for check-ups and they both weighed exactly 41.6lbs!!! Brogan is off the charts again, but at the other end. So my 3 and 4 year old weigh the EXACT same. Crazy. It is so funny that they love to wrestle because it is a very fair and even match. The other day, I was watching them play and I was SO happy that I gave them one another to have forever. Yes, they are boys and they fight and argue sometimes, but they are so dang cute together. Everyone thought I was crazy for having my babies 17 months apart, but I am so happy I did!
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So I said I would NEVER go private but I have decided to due to trying to expand my business. If you would like to be added to read my blog, leave your email as a comment on any post or email me at I hope to do this within the next couple days. thanks!