Saturday, January 23, 2010

toy bin

Someone was tired from all the packing! The room was dark, so I am surprised that my flash didn't wake him up.
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moving right along

We have been so busy packing. I am so excited to move but packing up your house is the WORST! Vance is having a hard time with it all because he doesn't like that we have moved things around and he doesn't know where anything is. We have sent so much stuff to Goodwill and we still have a ton to move. It will feel so good to get down to Savannah and get settled in.
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The Last Day :(

So recently we have decided to move to Georgia and so Vance had to have his last day of school. This is seriously the saddest part of leaving indiana. He went to such a great school, and they were so good to him. Vance has come so far since starting school at Emmaus Lutheran, he has learned SOOOO much. Vance can be a BIG handful but his teachers adored him and made him feel so good. We will really miss everyone there. I took the camera in on his last day to take some pictures.
Vance with Mrs Swartz and Mrs Inaciulli.
His classroom
His fishies
This is Vance's chapel buddy. It is so cute when I would go and pick Vance up because all the older kids always come and talk to him. We always have about a million goodbyes when we walk out. Everyone just loves Vance!
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Monday, January 18, 2010


My "Sweet Baby Grey" is already 4 months and that is just so crazy to me. Wow, what a blessing he is. Ben was just telling me the other day that nothing makes him happier right now then his sweet goofy little smile. His dimples are HUGE just like his older brothers. He is so good. It is really weird having a 4 month old that should really be a 2 month old. I find myself worrying about him a lot, thinking that he is not developing normally but I just keep forgetting that he was 2 months early. He is actually doing great. He is right where he needs to be. He is still very small at 9 1/2 lbs but he will catch up. Brogan was the same way and now he's HUGE.
The big crazy eyes. I swear I think he has red hair
My mom Tye-dyed onsies for him and they are too cute! I LOVE THEM!
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New Years

For New Years, we took a quick trip down to Georgia. We really enjoyed it and I must say it was a good feeling to make it through a vacation with 3 kids. We went to Savannah and then we stayed in Augusta with Ben's best friend Ben for the weekend. The drive is about 11 hours and all the boys did so good! I didn't even have a DVD player and they didn't just went along for the ride. We took a river walk on the Savannah river and it was so beautiful. I must admit that I really don't like the "outdoors" but I LOVE to watch my boys play and enjoy being outside.
Cute Ben and Vancie... it was cold so Vance really didn't want to take pictures We stuck him up on the this rock. He loved it because he thought he was a Super Hero
and... this is what happens when I want to take a picture with the boys
Ben and Ben carrying the boys
his poor pants kept falling down. Sad, but funny
Me, Eva and Rachel. Trying to keep warm
Sweet little Eva on the bridge
The boys enjoyed smores in the backyard with the "camp fire"

Too cool

Brogan gave me this look when I asked him to say cheese. I thought it was funny. He is just to cool for pictures. DUH
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Morn

Christmas was just perfect this year. The boys had SOOO much on their "list" this year so it was easy for Santa to pick and choose what to get. We have been talking about Santa for MONTHS now but when Vance got to the top of the stairs and saw the gifts he yelled, "Oh my gosh! WHO DID THIS?!" It was pretty funny.
Of all the things they got, they liked their Boxing gloves best. I don't know what Santa was thinking getting these, but they love them. They are so fuuny playing with them because they are so dramatic. Cute Brogan.

The worst part.... cleaning up


For Christmas Eve, we went to Bens brothers house where we had food and a gift exchange. there were 16 kids between 4 families so it was a little chaotic but the kids had a lot of fun. The food was all so good! I ate so much.
Vance had a blast all night!

this is us trying to be serious for a picture

Me and my boys~ ALL of us. weird
Collin and Vance playing in the corner
The food
The cooks (the moms) Mckenzie, Me, Lisa, Summer
Brogan.... sooo excited to open his gift. He got a car tent from Collin
All the kids were very happy about the gift exchange

The weather

This is our drive to church. The Fog was so crazy. it was wierd how it was only in certain places. It was pretty cold but I LOVE THE SNOW. Before I moved here, everyone told me how much I was going to hate living in the snow. They were wrong. Yes, It is no fun getting the boys layered up to go outside, but it is just so beautiful. I could sit and stare out my window all day.
This house was so close to us and we couldn't even see it. SO crazy~!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best Friends

Vance and Brogan are FINALLY getting along. They still argue, but they have changed so much since Grey has arrived. I love to listen to them play and use their imagination. They love to play together. I am so happy that I had them so close together. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I am so happy that they have eachother. When I was in AZ with Brogan, we would call home and him and Vance would talk. I would get so emotional at the excitment that they had to talk to eachother. Everyday that I pick up Vance from school, He runs to Bro and gets so happy to see him. I LOVE it. I used to be sad that I didn't get a girl but I am so thankful for my sweet boys and the joy they bring me. I know that I was meant to have boys.
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Benjamin Button

This picture was when he was 3 months old, but I figured I needed to post it. He is so funny because he is just so tiny, so it's weird to see him smiling. I have had a couple people joke that he looks like Benjamin Button. Maybe beacuse he looks like a cute little old man?
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