Monday, January 26, 2009

The kid's favorite treat!

This cracks me up. The kid's asked if they could go outside and play so I said sure. The first place the went was under the porch to break the icecycles off and eat them. The are crazy because they are so cold! The could care less about the temp being 15 degrees!

Why isn't he waering gloves...... CRAZY!
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Peas and carrots...

These two are the cutest together! Cassidy is 4 months older than brogan and they love to play together. Brogan is so cute when he says "Cass - i - dee"! It is weird because Bro doesnt usually like little girls. Maybe he understands that they are cousins.
I know this is so mean... Aunt McKenzie put him in one of Cassidy's bunny suits to keep him warm, and he looked so funny so we had to take pics. The worst part is that he really looks like a girl in it.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hayden and Twinkie

This is hayden, Vance's cousin.... they are so cute together. She is so accepting of him! She totally lets vance tag along with her makes him feel like a "big boy". i think the kind of look alike.
Twinkie....... Since Aunt McKenzie likes to give the kids whatever they want ;) it wasn't long before Vance got her to get the bunny "twinkie" out into the living room
I hate to say it, but it is really cute. The boys Love him/her
I can't believe the bunny didn't claw their eyes out! Brogan thought it was funnt to poke him in the eye.
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the new life style

Vance LOVES the snow so much, but Brogan doesn't know about it. Vance could play in it all day!
Vance loves being on the 4 wheeler with daddy!
VERY BAD choice of clothing for this!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome Home!

We finally arrived after 3 days of driving! It was 2 degrees when we got here and I seriously felt like I was on another planet.
This is the first place we went when we got here, Ben's Brothers house
My boys love their cousins and their house! brogan just hangs out in the kitchen and searches for food
Fort Wayne Sunset
The boys are getting used to the cold. Vance Loves it and Brogan is not too sure yet
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1900 miles across the USA

Well.... I normally love car rides, but lets just say this didn't count. Brogan decided that he gets car sick and kept throwing up for no good reason and Vance decided he wanted to get random bloody noses. AHHH!!!!!!!!!! And to top it off, Ben got really tired and told me to drive so he could take a nap. Has any one seen dumb and Dumber? Long story short, ben woke up and i had driven 100 miles in the wrong direction. lets just say he didn't let me drive again.
He wasn't to happy
the biggest cross west of the Mississippi
I had to take a pic because these moments were few and far between
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Jami and Alison did SO MUCH to help packing our house. I had no idea how much STUFF we actually had. Alison joked that I was about 3 years away from being on Oprah with all the junk that I had. Those 2 women are some of the hardest wiking, most motivated poeple I know.
The boys hung out while we worked. Notice Brogan is the youngest by far yet he is a GIANT!
Ben got a little distracted while loading the truck
you think we packed it enough?
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To Great friends!

My friends must really feel sorry for me! They have all been treating me like a queen;) I got so spoiled and pampered to help prepare me from the move.
Jessica introduced me to my first scarf ever and I havn't taken it off! She also gave me cute little black slippers. i am always a sucker for slippers!
Seriously!... Sara and Dray made me dreams come true and bought me the cutest most comfy pair of UGS! I must say I look smashing in them:) No but seriously they are a little piece of heaven!
Of coarse I had to make Sara have one last sleep ove with me. My cute husband slept on the couch!
I am sad I didn't get a better picture of me and Amy, but her and Sam came over on the day we moved and cleaned our whole back yard for us! It was so appreciated, because our dog kinf of destroyed the place!
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home-made goodbye dinners

I got to spend a lot of quality time with family before I left.
Jami and Brogan. He love love loves her
Noah, vance and Emma at my moms for dinner
Vance and cute
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First modeling shoot

Cute Bro Bro Modeled some clothes for Spoiled Royal and they turned out awesome!
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Falcons VS Cardinals

Yep, We were part of the 1% falcon fans at the game. We almost got shot;) Sorry babe, no tilte for the falcons
Celebrating a touch down... few and far between
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