Saturday, June 12, 2010


Greybie baby is 9 months old! I know all moms say this, but where in the world does the time go? Wow, he is a gem. He is so perfect, I can't even begin to explain. He is soooooo funny with his facial expressions! He is so full of life and LOVES to hang on me. He really is special. He loves everyone and will smile for anyone that he comes across. It's hard for me to get through the supermarket without people stopping me to comment on his "Beautiful blue eyes or his huge dimples". Ben is really starting to enjoy him too. Men are just different than women, they need a little more time to totally bond with the baby. Even though, havinv a 3rd kid has been very challenging for me, I would NEVER in a million years want a life without ALL 3 of my boys! I grow and learn so much from my kids. I love them all!
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Doubleing the eyes

Vance's Montesorri School wanted a vision exam done before school started, so sure, why not? I knew I need to to go in so I figured I would just kill 2 birds with one stone and bring Vance along. I had NO idea that my studly little Vance had vision problems. He is so coordinated so I would have never guessed he has vision problems. At first he was devestated. He thought everyone was "going to think he is stupid" How could ANYONE ever think that! He is adorable and I have seen such an improvement with his glasses. Now, we just have to work on keeping them on his head!
Twins with Grandpa
Steve Urcle?
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Happy Birthday to my FIVE year old!

My Vancie turned 5 on May 31! He was so excited! He was really cute as he counted down the minutes til the big moments. We had Cousin Kaylee and Uncle Steve with us and it was just perfect. Vance was a little spoiled. He got a lot of toys and plus a surf board that he had been wanting. Pops and Mima, sent him a box with some clothes, books and Toy Story ONE and TWO!He loved the surfboard
Blowing out the cake
Astro Boy

Real Swimming

My boys are fish! They love the water and I really don't mind it. I am so happy that my boys have learned to swim from such young ages. I still have to watch them really well but it takes alittle of the stress off. Vance is getting ready for Swim Team. He can't wait. He is seriously training when he's in the pool. Its pretty awesome.
Catching a breath
hmmm, not sure whats going on here?
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playing in Forsyth

Forsyth Park is an amazingly beautiful park in the middle of Savannah and we like to go there to get some fresh air. There is a splash pad that is great for when we get too hot and need to cool off. Ben ALWAYS has to bring a football wherever we go and he makes me play with him and the boys. This is why I wanted girls... So I could just sit back and be girly, but I guess that just isn't isn't the plan for me. I actually feel good after I have had a nice little workout from throwing the ball around. I guess it's good for me to get involved so the boys don't remember me as a lazy bum:) Like Always, Grey just enjoys the ride and keeps us smiling. He is such a little gift. I can't even imagine life without him!
Brogan and that Hair... out of control. I have cut it off since this pic
Brogan is curious and likes to make friends
Ben, making the boys run a little

You lookin' at me?

Beach and more Beach

We seriously live a the beach. I love living in a place where I can go relax on the beach. I can't beleive I lived my whole life without this luxury. My boys are little beach bums. They would live on the beach if they could. They have no fear when they are in the ocean. It actually scares me a little, but we know to keep our eyes on them at all times. Grey is still a little annoyed by the wind and sand, but he is slowly getting used to it. He usually just naps peacfully as we all play.
I love the tide pools. They are so great to realx and keep cool in.

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Long but fun drive

We left a car in Indiana when we left and we needed to go get it. So, I told Ben that I could endure the long drive to go get it. We left early in the morning and we were back 48 hours later. My good friend Rachel kept Grey so we were able to stop and do some fun things along the way. It was 15 hours there, a stay at a hotel and then 15 hours back. It was actually kind of fun. I really don't mind car rides. On the way home, Ben and I switched kids every couple of hours to split it up for them. Well, I was listening to Conference talks and Vance was upset because he wanted to listen to this music. As I was explaining the importance of the men speaking he said "Mom, these Grandpa's are depressing!" WHAT?!! Wow, my child has some interesting views. We stopped at the caves in TN, and I think they made me sick. They were awesome to look at, but so claustrophobic. They boys loved it so I guess it was worth it.
Awesome overlooks

UGA aquarium

I took the boys out to Skidaway island to the Aquarium. We were the only ones there so they boys could run around as much as they wanted. They were so excited about the sharks. Sometimes it is hard for me to take the 3 boys out by myself, but it is so worth it when I can see them having so much fun.
This little touh tank os so fun, but both of them were being so wierd about putting their hands in. They normally will do anything, but I don't know why they were so afraid.
We packed a lunch and ate on the river. It was so beautiful
This is just one benifit of getting them out of the house. I wear them out
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Grayson Stadium

Grayson staduim held a really fun event where the boys got to explore all types of police and army vehicles. They thought they were so cool. It was really cute to see them talke to the soldiers and police officers. Vance kept saluting the soldier and they loved it. Grey kept cool in his carseat. He is alwyas happy. He just goes along for the ride and keeps himslef happy and intertained. He is such a good boy.
This is a bomb squad truck. They were so curious.
Vance LOVED this "Transformer" car. He wouldn't leave it alone
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