Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Vacation

So we finally got to our LONG awaited beach vacation! Sara and I booked a beach house in Hilton Head, SC and we had been waiting for it for a very long time! Sara's schedule made her leave before out time at the house was up so I decided to invite my parents and 2 little brothers out to share the excitement.
We drove down on a tuesday because we had to pick up Sara from her red eye in ATL Wed morning. We stayed in a little motel for the night and let the boys get all their energy out from the drive. Theyhad so much fun swimming with daddy in the pool!

the next morning we picked up Sara and started our 3 hour drive to Savannah! Poor Sara almast went crazy watching Diego with the boys the whole time!

As soon as we got to Savannah (where we stayed for a couple days before we went to Hiton Head) we had to get to the beach ASAP.
Vance pretty much never left thte water after this point! We also went to Wormsloe Plantation... The most beautiful place ever! Ben made us watch a video about it but quite honestly... I didn't pay attention. It some old plantation from Civil war times?
Me with crazy Bro Bro
AND of coarse Vance took it upon himself to do this..... WHY?
Ben kept the kids for a while after Wormsloe so that we could go to the beach alone... It was nice

We also went to visit Ben's Brother Mike and I got to play with cute little Ronin.... Shouldn't he be my kid? And the family arrives! My Mom, Dad, Walker, Rhett and cousin Forrest! So exciting! All the boyd just drooled over Sara the whole time they were with her! Funny how the always want shotgun... of coarse unless Sara is in the back;)Walker and Sara... I think these 2 might hook up one day....... (in his dreams) jk Walkie
Rhett's favorite thing to do while he was there was to catch wildlife! My cute Dad at his new favorite place "The Savannah Candy Kitchen" It's AMAZING!
The boys really wanted to see Gator so I took the to the Crab Shack where they are everywhere! Of coarse later they saw them in the wild just like everyone that vacations down there. Ben anf the boys like to eat Gator! YUCKJust a cute pic of Ben being silly!

So my Uncle's Brother Eric is directing the new Nick Sparks movie starring Miley Cyrus so We went down to the set to hang out. It was so much fun getting treating like VIP's. Every one was so nice to us because we were Eric's family. He actually put us all in as extra's so look for us! The movie is called "The Last Song"
Eric is in green.... Nicest guy EVER! Thanks for everything Eric.... especially the food!
I had SOO much fun playing poker with the fam! (with cheerios) I am so good at the game! Mattress Surfing? Walker got this bright idea to bring an air Mattress to the beach. The boys loved it.
On the last day we watched the craziest storm roll in on the beach. People were running like it was the end of the world! I don't think we took it seriously enough until the life guards started running at us and yelling to get off the beach. Luckily we made it in the condo right before things got SOOO ugly! It was like a Hurricane!
I love this little pic of Bro with the storm!
So in a nutshell, we had so much fun, but I must say that vacationing with kids is a ton of work! I was so happy to have so much family there to help out with my boys. I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone! The boys love being with my family and didn't want to say goodbye either. My next post will be all my favorite beach picture.... as if I don't all ready have enough!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Brogie Bear!

I realized I have not done much updating about my second born! Sweet Brogan is such a little buddy! The other night I heard him tossing and turning in the middle of the night so I went to check on him. When I opened the door I could see his wet little eyes and I asked him what was wrong, He said "I just want to cuddle with you". How do you say no to that! As we laid in my bed we sang songs and told stories and I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that he is so close heaven! I won't lie.... he is starting to figure out how to give me a little attitude, But it is so innocent. He is such a sweet little guy. He is kind of a "touch me not" But when it comes to his mommy, he will cuddle all day. He loves to be held, and let me tell you he is 42 pounds (that is off the charts) and that is not easy for me to hold. He weighs the same as his older brother, but he still thinks he is a baby that can be held all the time. He is having a little bit of a hard time trying to figure out this new baby thing... When I tell him that I am having a baby he says, "No! I'm the baby".
He fights with Vance A LOT, but at the same time, he idolizes him! He is always trying to get his attention or approval.
He ALWAYS starts his sentences with "I just"..... "I just want a treat", "I just want to play outside", "I just want to sit on your lap"... It is pretty dang cute.
He is Mr. Senstive! If you look at him the wrong way, He is offended! I also like to think of him as a professional pouter because he is so good at it! He throws his arms down and hunches over like a real sad sack. I have to try my hardest not to laugh at him when he does it!
Just like all kids, he has his moments. He loves telling me he "can't" do things. It drives me crazy when I tell him to pick up his shoes and he says, "he Can't"!
He loves
Lighting Mcqueen
transformers (every time he sees a yellow car on the road he yells Bumble Bee!)
Cowboy B - His Blanket! He has to sleep with it and he makes these little loops with it on the end so he can put his fingures through them?
Care Bears (Aunt Sara introduced him to that... Ben Hates it.)
Monster trucks
He Hates
Walking in the grass barefoot
when I pick out his clothes
trying new foods (drives me up a wall)

I just love love love him. I am so lucky to have both my boys and I really want to try harder to write about their little personalities so I don't forget them.

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Crazy Scouts!

Ben's Brother is the scout leader and he wanted me to take pictures at their scout camp. Boys are SO crazy. They were swinging of this HUGE rope swing into the pond. It was insane. Vance wanted to be in the water so we threw him in too! He would have liked it but it was too cold for him! It is weird think that my boys will be doing these things at scout camp one day!
I wish I would have got a pic of the whole thing because it was so high! Some of the boys wouldn't do it. I don't blame them!

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African Journey

The boys have been waithing and waiting for the African Journey to open at the Zoo. They were remodeling it so the boys never got to see the giraffes and I guess that is all they ever wanted to see. Finally, The boys got what they wanted on Sat! It was such a beautiful day and we all enjoyed being there. They loved looking at the map telling us which way to go.....
Vance didn't really like this tent, but I made him get in for a picture! I am such a mean mom ;0
Playing the drums in the African Villiage!
So of coarse, when we finally get to the Giraffes, They wouldn't come eat from us!!! I had been telling Vance for like a month that he was going to get to feed the giraffes! JUST OUR LUCK!
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Swimming.. Kind of...

Well, since no one really has pools around here, I let the kids swim in the hot tub. Don't worry I put the freezing cold hose in it and cooled ot down so it wasn't even really hot. They were all so funny and crazy! I forgot how much Chlorine was in it so Vance had some pretty red eyed when he was done, but he didn't care! My boys just belong in the water! Vance always has! They also love being with all their cousins! they had such a good time. I just hope they don't expect me to let them do this all the time... it wore me out!

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Working on the house

I have been so stressed about trying to figure out what to do with my bare walls because I am SOOO bad at anything that has to do with home decor! Good thing my mom came and made me finally do something. Of coarse when I do, I have to be a little brave and choose colors that everyone is telling me not to choose! Well I think everything is turning out great! We still have so much to do. but this is just a preview!
My mom worked on Flowere arrangements for my house! She is so talented with all of that! They all turned out great of coarse!

I am so brave for choosing this color for my living room but I serioulsy love it! Ben was not too happy about it at first, but I think it is growing on him

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

19 week update...

I am 19 weeks and I feel like I should be 35! Seriously I am so tired, and wiped out all the time! It is pathetic! Anyways, I went to the doc 2 days ago and got an ultrasound that re-confirmed that it was a BOY! I am now getting used to the fact that I will have 3 cute little boys running circles around me for the next LONG while! I was so surprised that My ultrasound pics turned out so good! I don't have my scanner set up so I had to take a pic on my phone of it. It looks better in real life! It is so amazing to see his little face. He seems so sweet and cute in there. It is so crazy how we become attatched to them while they are inside us! I am feeling a lot better better about my size lately, and its kind of funny because 3 days ago, Vance said, "Mom, look at your huge belly"! Thanks VANCE! I think I grew alot in the beginning, and now I am feeling a little smaller... Thank Goodness! My ultrasound actually put me a couple days ahead of schedule and that is great news! The sooner this baby comes, the better! The Dr said everything looked great and he is one healthy little boy! I feel so blessed!
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Shipshewana with Mama!

I just HAD to take my mom to Shipshewana while she was here! It is the best place EVER! It is America's largest Amish community and it is about 45 minutes form my house. They have a flea market with over 900 vendors! We are there for hours and only made it down 2 aisles! It is crazy! We found the cutest things for my house! There is so much to do and so much great food! I think the little Amish girls are so cute in their little bonnets and dresses! I admire them for their way of living because I know I could NEVER do it!

My mom HAD to go to this place called kid creations where you create your own dolls. You pick the eyes, hair and face so make a cute litlle baby. It is a lot like American Girl Dolls. I was not looking forward to it because it seemed a little juvenile but I ended up haveing so much fun and got pretty into it. Maybe it was just because I was with my mom!
She built the doll to look like me as a baby and was proud of the little heart she put in.
We were SOOOOO tired after this trip. We got hime and could barely move. She all ready wants to come back just to go to Shipshewana again. It is well worth the trip if you are looking for some good shopping! :)
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So I said I would NEVER go private but I have decided to due to trying to expand my business. If you would like to be added to read my blog, leave your email as a comment on any post or email me at poseycowart@gmail.com. I hope to do this within the next couple days. thanks!