Monday, November 29, 2010

My first bird

I was so nervous this year! I knew I was hosting Thanksgiving and that I would be the one cookinh EVERYTHING. Nothing scared me as much as the turkey. I had to make a few phone calls for help but I am not going to lie.... I am so proud of myself. It turned out so yummy. It was very moist and I am pretty sure it was a hit! My mom and her sisters always joke that you are not a woman until you have pulled all the "CRAP" out of a raw turkey. So finally, now at age 26, I am a woman!

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First Broken Bone

My kids have done stitches, well lets just say more than once, but we hadn't had a broken bone until my sweet little clumsy Brogan decided he wanted to be the first. He Slipped getting into our car and fell backwards. I knew from his scream that something was really wrong. He kept saynig his shoulder hurt so I figured his shoulder was out of the socket. I took him to his chiropracter to get him looked at. The Dr said he thought everything was ok beacause he wasn't screaming too badly while he was being poked. ( I think that was due to the tylenol and IB profen I had given him right before)Well I felt a lot better knowing there were no major injuries. We drove home and had a long night of tossing and turning and SCREAMING. The next morning I made him rest and just hoped that the pain would subside. Nope. So that evening Ben took the little guy to the ER where they told him he has broken collar bone. Ugh... such bad timing, the day before thanksgiving when he was going to see all his cousins and want to play sports outside. It has been a challenge trying to keep the sling and wrap on him, but he is starting to realize how much more it hurts when he doesn't. I am so sorry this happen to my Bro Bro, but he is one tought kid and I know he will heal Quickly

this was the night he came home from the ER.... so sad
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vance's Feast

Vance goes to Coastal Empire Montessori school, and It is seriously the best school EVER! Vance loves going to school everyday! For Thanksgiving they had a Feast. They learned about all the different foods that the pilgrims ate and they tried it all at their feast. They had Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Deer, Authentic pudding and they even made their own butter for the bread. Vance was so cute singing songs about giving thanks. Thank you to Mrs Lynn who cares so much about the kids and put on this event for them!

This is Vance's very good friend MatthewOf course he is sitting next to a pretty girl

This is Mrs Lynn trying to get the kids to try EVERYTHING
Vance's butter that he made
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Benjamin Welton Tuinei

We are so thrilled to welcome our sweet nephew Benjamin "Welton" Tuinei into this world. Ben's amazing sister Heather endured and very rough pregnancy getting this sweet angel here. Heather has always battled Juvenile Diabetes and she has always known that pregnancy may be difficult for her. Well, at only 24 weeks along, doctors decided that Heathers fragile body could not take the stress of the pregnancy so the delivered little Welton almost 4 months early. Both mom and baby have been fighters. Welton has already had one heart surgery and he has shown us all how much he wants to be here. I Can't even believe how strong Heather is. She has been a trooper. Her husband Ben has also been PERFECT. He is so positive and so supportive of his wife and new baby. We are so happy for this cute new little family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them ALL day Every day. Hang in there Tuinei's...... We love you.

Cruisin' with my sisters!

My Mother N Law had never been to a tropical beach.... so us Cowart girls decided to step up and take her on a cruise. It was Me, Joy, Alison and Veronica. Ali and Veronica were first time cruisers so we had to show them how it is done;) Seriously and can't even explain how awesome these women are! I always felt so sorry for myself because I don't have sisters but I am so lucky to have married into this family where these girls have taken me in as one of their own. I would never even say "sister n law" because they are truly my sisters! Anyways, back to the cruise.... it was awesome. Even though we got stuck in the Bahamas due to Hurricane Tomas, we had such a blast. I roomed with Joy, who was so much fun to be around. She is actually quite funny. We might have had a little too much fun together. The Beach and the weather were PERFECT! I really missed my family, but I totally needed the break from reality.
Of course I got picked to be an assistant at the show. He was a juggler/comedian and he actually wasn't that bad. The first night comedian was the best, only because Alison was Laughing her HEAD OFF the whole time at things that seriously were not funny. Everyone around us were laughing at her... not the entertainer.
This was taken right before we left, at Joy's house. We were so excited to get on the boat. I love this picture so much.
Ok, so I just had way too many pictures to post, so I put them all together in hopes to get the point across... we had fun! We went out dancing and we honestly must have been the only sober ones there, but you never would have guessed it. Ali danced on a statue because her precious Bon Jovi was played. (she was asked to get down Ha) Ali, got me to enter the "don't forget the lyrics" game where I placed third and she got first. She won a totally awesome gift pack;) we also had to do Kareoke! I can't believe we got Joy to get up there with us. We sang a Paula Abdul song that I barely knew.

THIS WAS SO MEAN! The girls hung these in my room and when I unlocked the door, the both screamed (Alison has a very loud scream) and I nearly hit the ground. I only saw them for a quick second in the dark and I didn't know what it was. Alison peed her pants from laughing so hard. That's what she gets!

Ok, so sisters, When are we going on another cruise? We are excited to go again with Heather, who couldn't come this time due to a high risk pregnancy. This was honestly a time that I will treasure forever. Everything about it was awesome. I had forgot how much fun life can be. Thanks again to my great family, who I just love to pieces!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOUR!!! One lucky kid!

My little Bro Bro has turned four. In one way, he is so big that it seems like he should be turning 6 but in another way I can't believe he is already FOUR! Many people who know me like to joke and say that Brogan is the golden child and I like to joke back and say "yep... he is." Truth is, All my boys are golden. Brogan has just always been a very easy child for me. I think I just love that fact that he is such a mama's boy. He Would probably glue himself to me if he could and I would have no problem with that.
For his Birthday we had a party with family at the marina in Sarasota FL. The weather could not have been more perfect. All the kids played in the splash pad and on the playground. We even got to watch some dolphins in the water. I don't usually enjoy myself at my kid's b-day parties due to the stress of making everything perfect, but this was really nice. I just sat back and watched Brogan love life.
For lunch my Sis-N-Law Joy made some really good bbq sandwiches but Brogan wants a "Chip Sandwich" Well, What Bro wants on his b-day... Bro gets. He got quite a few awesome gifts, including mainly, "Iron Man" and "How to train a dragon" toys since those are his favorites right now. I fell very blessed that I can enjoy
Brogan's cousin game him an old unused cell phone. He was so excited and told me "mom, now i can text you"
Me any my birthday boy
Bro and daddy

Ok, so on his actual birthday, we took the 3 boys to "chuckie cheezits" to use a ton af left over tokens that we have had FOREVER. Brogan felt pretty cool having TWO parties. It was really nice to celebrate with him as just a small little family. We all couldn't have been happier.
Grey is a little to young to hang with his brothers, so he chilled with Bob the whole time.
Brogan's favorite ride. He must have played this 30 times. no joke
And they are off.....
Brogan is such a sweet heart. He has always been a blessing in so many ways. Since Vance has started school this year, i have really been able to get to know my little Brogie Bear. He loves everything boy and he LOVES his older brother Vance. He always tells me that he needs to be with Vance because they are "best Friends". I often find Bro in Vance's Bunk just to be closer to him. Brogan has been big for a while now.he wears a size 6/7 in boys and a 12/13 in shoes. hopefully his size will be useful one day.
Bro hates the answer "maybe". If he asks me a question and I don't have a straight answer, he says "MOM, say YES or NO". He loves to make his baby brother laugh. He loves peanuts, Peanut butter and noodles of ANY sort. He loves to cuddle with his mommy. Even when I am watching "Dancing with the Stars" or any other girly show. When I say cuddle, I mean he has to be totally on top of me. I think he still thinks he's a baby. He answers to "Bro Bro, Bro, Brogie, Brogers, Brodigity, Brogie Bear" and most recently we have been calling him just Bear. It seems to fit him well.
Your mom and dad love you so much! We cant wait to continue this journey with you and watch you grow!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Of course since we were down in Sarasota for Halloween, we had to take a beach day. I have become such a beach lover. My boys think they own every beach they go to. The water here is pretty much crystal clear and the weather couldn't be more perfect. I feel like life is supposed to be like this... at the beach in November:)

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Halloween was SO awesome this year! We went a couple hours south to Sarasota, FL to visit Ben's brother and his family. The weather was amazing and it was such an awesome trip. My Sis N Law, Joy is always a great host. Her home is beautiful so beautiful and so relaxing. She made quite the spooky feast and it was all delicious. The boys love being with their cousins, and I love watching them all play together. My boys HAD to be Ninja turtles so I gave in to them. Grey, (the one I can still control) we dressed him as the cutest Georgia Bulldog EVER!
Jilly, the cute Bumble Bee!
No Hope.... why do I try to get all 3 of them?
Emma and Grey...... Adorable as always

Alexis, Jillian and Emma
organized Choas
Poor Brogan.... trying to keep up
Grey chilled in his stroller and ate an apple
I was a little bored
Emma... so stinkin cute
Some of Joys Cooking
The boys, waiting at an empty house for candy
They all made out well! A little too well


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