Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and more Easter

Well... let's see... In a nutshell, Easter was awesome. The day began with Easter Baskets of coarse. Instead of big baskets, the boys just got a little bit in their basket and a new razor scooter. They loved it.
I had to drag Brogan out of bed. he is such a sleepy head.

Vance with his Scooter
MY ATTEMPT at an Easter pic with my boys before church.
After dinner, we had a big pot luck at my aunt Jami's house. It was great as always. Food was delicious and I just LOVE hanging out with my family. They always put me in a good mood.
the food
My parents got a new puppy. She is adorable.
Vance and my cousin Tanner. They love each other. They are totally cute together. Tanner's hair is out of control
Egg hunt. Grey was into it for about one minute. I guess he didn't understand that they had MONEY in them.

Tanner cheating and helping Vance

and there is Grey's distraction. At that point he was done.
Vance playing with a little toy he got in his basket.
More distractions
So the boys decided that they wanted to go swimming. Well, they didn't have shorts so they went in their underwear. Redneck, I know. Crazy Vance and Crazy Jack were scaring the heck out of me. They both thought that launching Vance in a back flip was funny.

After everything had settled that evening, I was able to really reflect on the meaning behind Easter. We had talked to the boys about it all day, but I think I was not able to focus on it like I should have. Easter is Awesome. What a wonderful celebration. We have a specific time of the year to celebrate the Living Christ. I know he lives. I am so thankful for all my family that really helped me remember what this life is about. I know that I can find true peace and happiness through our Gospel and the things that it teaches. I am so thankful for everyone around me. It was seriously such a great day.

Cousin Pics

This is mainly for my Mother in Law who lives in Georgia, but I took some pics of my nieces and nephews. They are all so fun to take pictures of. Each on e of them has a huge personality... I just love it! Casjen, Pyper, Lleyton, and Veronica

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

18 months and growing!

This little fire cracker has come a long way! At 18 months, he is finally walking... actually running around. We knew that since he is a preemie, he would be delayed, but he is coming along. We love this kid. He is totally different than my other boys. He is a little more demanding;) He is now discovering the things he likes and doesn't like and he is getting the attitude to go along with it. He is trying to talk. He gets a little frustrated when he can't tell us exactly what he wants. He will be starting speech therapy here this week. I am sure it will help him a lot. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that life would be so easy with only 2 kids, but NO WAY. I could never be without this boy. He is my buddy. Ben totally adores him too. I thin we maybe even "baby" him too much. Oh well... he deserves it! LOVE HIM

"Saturday Saints"

My boys love to go to church. They learn and remember so much about the Gospel. When we got out to AZ, my boys clothes were packed and too hard to get to. (I forgot to leave church clothes out) My mom fixed the problem, by buying Vance and Bro new Sunday out fits. They are so adorable all dressed up. I made them all mad by making them have a photo shoot and be late to church. As always, I'm happy we did. Sometimes I feel SO loved:)
Grey wasn't really havin' it. A for effort
totally akward Brother pose.

By the way, recently we had to teach Brogan that is is "Latter Day Saints" and not "Saturday Saints"


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