Saturday, August 29, 2009

the Boy's Visits

Ben brings the boys down everyday to see me and give me my daily hugs and kisses. I just love them to death. The hardest thing about this whole situation is not being there for them right now. They just don't understand what is going on. Vance is so sweet and is ALWAYS asking me if "I'm ok" and "if I feel better". They love to rub my feet and give me "hand hugs" (queezing my hands) They usually can't stay very long because they tend to get loud and crazy but I love it while it last. Everytime Vance comes in he asks where the baby is. He is really confused as to when this baby is coming out. We all are! I wish I didn't look so terrible in these pics but there is not much I can do about that these days;)
Vance took this pic of me. I have just now felt good enough to get on the computer, because before, I would get really sick everytime I looked at the screen. But here I am... ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.
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An update on baby and Mommy

Well well well, this is been quite the ride. Lets see..... Long story short, I am back in the hospital and will NOT be out until we have the baby! CRAZY. Last Sat after being in the hospital for a week, they told me that I could get the tube taken out of my back and get a stint put on the inside so I wouldnt have to deal with this stupid bag anymore! After preparing me for 2 days for this surgery, They got me all the way to the OR just to tell me that they can't do it because it is too risky! I was so upset! They told me if I would stay one more night with out any problems then I could go home the next day and just be on Bed rest there. Well, I made it through the night, so I got to go HOME! YAY. Of course, on Sunday I start to get sick again and the bleeding in my kidneys came back! I tried to tolerate it so I wouldn't have to go back and I made it all the way to monday when I had to come in because I was throwing up and contracting non-stop. They were ready for me when I got here and got me back in a bed ASAP. The Dr came in that night to break the news that I was not leaving this time. Im just too dehydrated and my kidneys need the constant fluid and pain relif. They say the baby is great! He is really strong and has shown NO signs of stress. It just my body that is shutting down. I got a pic line put in a couple days ago so my veins don't have to take the IVs anymore. It's nice because my arms are free but I can feel the pressure on my heart. This baby is such a strong little guy. I know that it will all be so worth it when I see his cute little face. I am on steroids to help his lungs because the perinatologist said he won't make it past 34 weeks. Considering the circumstances, This hospital has been great! I have so many Doctors working with me and trying to keep me healthy. I love my nurses! The have just kind of made my part of the family:) The picture above is from when I thought I was going into surgery to get that tube taken out... What a let down...

Ok... How cute was my PINK IV? I loves it. I told them that I wanted a pink pic line but I had to settle for purple;)
This has been my veiw for 3 weeks now...... I just keep trying to remember that this is just a short period of time in my life
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Brogan and his B's

Brogan has 2 blankets that he calls Cowboy B and Army man B and he CAN'T live with without them! He is so funny because he always has them and will not sleep with out them. The funniest part is that he rubs them on his eyeballs! I know all kids have their wierd little things that they do, but I have never seen this one before. He has always done so I have never really thought about it until a friend started talking about how funny it is. He always asks us if he can rub them on our eyes and he gets mad if we can't keep our eyes open for him to do it. He is a funny little dude.
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Vance taking after mama....

The other morning, I woke up to a flash in my face because Vance found a new hobby. He took our point and shoot and took about a million pictures. He always wakes up before us, but normally he just watches TV and eats breakfast, but now he has a new interest. I wonder where he gets it from? ;)
He took a bunch of our living room..... I don't really get it?
OK seriously, I couldn't bring myself to post the funny ones because we look so terrible but he took about a million of me and Ben sleeping! the other ones are so funny because I am so out of it and I can't really figure out what is going on.....
Ben's foot.... while sleeping
Ben's Closet... again, I don't really understand
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Prego photo shoot

I have so many pictures that I want to post! My GREAT friend Dray came out to watch my kids while we went to Jamiaca and she took some pics of Me, my belly and the boys. I seriously LOVE all of them. I hate showing my naked belly but she made me and I really love them. I am going to post more because I have to! This is just a sneak preview. I have so many great pics that I wish I could post all of of them but I wont be that annoying :) Thank you SOOO much Dray! I just love you and appreciate all you do for me! Your the best!

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Keeping the Garden Up!

Grandpa (Ben's dad) prides himself in his garden and he has been feeding us all summer. Vance LOVES to go work in the garden with him and help gather the food for us to eat. Seriously, he grows EVERYTHING and it is all delicious! There is Corn, Tamatos, watermelon, squash, broccoli, cucumbers, strawberries, rasberries, and MUCH more! The corn taste like candy! Tonight I has 7 peices of corn and I could have eaten more! I love that the boys love to eat all this healthy food. Vance woke up today and asked Ben if he could go work in the Garden. I have though about growning one at my house but I don't know why I would when I can go up the rd to Grandpa's and get all I want:) (also, I know nothing about gardening. We didn't do much of that in the AZ heat) The picture above is Brogan collecting pears that have fallen off the trees. Ben tought him to pick them all up and throw them in the field.
Squash, Tomato and Broccoli
Brogan and the Corn. Kind of a weird face?
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doctors and more Doctors

So, I guess from now on, my Thursdays will be Dr day! I have to see my OB every week and My Urologist and Nephrologist every month. This past Thursday was The OB and Urologist. It all went pretty well but it was such a task getting out of the house. I was so tired and sore by the end of it all. My mom spent the day with me and we spent 3 HOURS at the OB's office. I had to get labs done and an ultrasound. The ultrasound was fun because baby boy is getting so cute and chubby. I love being able to see him because it reminds me of how excited I am to actually meet him! He was measuring a little small but it said he was 2.6lbs! That seems big to me, But they said he's small:( The ultrasound also showed that my cervix is opening (duh) so Im just continuing to take procardia and Lay low to stop the contractions. I was hoping that I would go to my Urologist and he would tell me that I am doing so good and he wants to take this stupid tube out of my back! Not a chance! In fact, he kind of laughed at me when I mentioned it! The tube and bag will be there FOR SURE until the baby comes. UGH....... It's funny how before all this I would have just LOVED a day where I cound be in bed all day, but now that I have to, it is making me go crazy! I got my mom to take me to Target and Walmart but I regreted it after when I couldn't hardley sit up anymore! I am jsut going to try to obey the docs and hope that these next 6 to 8 weeks go by super fast. This picture is really lame because I took it with my phone, but he has such a cute little profile with lips like Bro Bro!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost meeting baby at 28 weeks...

Well I know there have been a lot of people wondering what the heck had been going on with me and the pregnacy.... WELL, Last Sunday on the way home from Jamaica, I noticed I had some Kidney pain but I didn't think too much about it. The next day, I noticed it just getting worse and worse, but again, I know that I have had so many kidney problems in the past that I tried to just ignore it. That night My contractions began so I got a little freaked out. I tried to tough it out but it became too painful to handle. By the time I got to hospital, my contractions were 7 minutes apart and everyone was freaking out. After, 2 different dugs, and a long night of torture, they finally were able to stop labor and calm me down bit. The next bit they had to figure out what caused labor and all the kidney pain. After one ultrasound, they told me that my right kidney was very enlarged, infected and blocked at the ureter, but they had to do more test to figure out exactly what was wrong. That night they did an IVP and saw that both kidneys are enlarged and the right one is pretty bad. Because I am pregnant, they really cant do much about it! The next day the took me
into surgery and placed a tube in my back that goes directly to my kidney to keep it working. They are hoping that this will hold off labor for a while and keep the infections down. The tube will stay there until the baby comes and then they will try and fix the problem, which might mean just taking the kidney out:( for now, I am stuck in bed and just trying to think positive. The doc just says to focus on keeping this baby in and staying healthy so thats what I will do! I am just so sore! I was so swollen in the hospital but it has all pretty much gone down. Lutheran Hospital was SOOO great! I loved all my nurses and doctors! My Mom has flown out to be with me for a while and she has been keeping thingd together pretty well. Ben has also been so sweet and wonderful to me! It has kind of been a group effort taking care of the boys but it has all worked out just fine! Thanks for all the prayers and concerns, it really means a lot! I will update more as it comes!
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My Birthday in Jamiaica!

Before all the Drama happend with the preganacy, we went to Negril, Jamaica for my Birthday! It was so much fun! We went with Ben'd Brother and his wife and it was so nice to just get away for a while. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and I ate the WHOLE time! The food was so good!
Hello Jamaica!
Me and Ben by the pool

Date night on my B-day! I don't know why Ben is making this face?
Our friend Zookie! he sang to us the whole time!
This bridge was crazy! It was so scary
Awe... Ben and I on some mountain

The men loved the massages from the falls

Ben and his Bro Philip

Mayfield Falls... AMAZING
An overlook in Negril
Philip and Mckenzie

Mckenzie and Philip sent some fuys to our room to paint a rock for us... we thought it was nice until he asked us for 20 bucks! Real funny Philip!
The Resort sent us a cake for my B-day!
I think he was wet and and I wanted to stay dry?

Me and Mckenzie

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Hev's Visit!

We were so happy that Aunt Heather came to visit for a week! The boys missed her SOOOO much! She is now married, so it was a little harder to pull her away from her Hubby but we are so glad she came! We did hair, had girls nigh and took a trip to Chicago. I wish she lived here because we have so much fun with her. Hopefully she will come back soon!
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