Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Birthday Boy! ( a million pictures!)

Okay, so yesterday we had a great day at Brogans birthday party! We didn't make it to much of
a production so I was a little worried that it might be lame, But it was perfect. We had so much fun! All the kids had a total blast! Brogan was so dang cute! I seriously can't believe that he is ONE! It is so crazy. I really thought he was going to be so sick from all the sugar he had, but he wasn't. Me on the other hand...... not feeling so well! :) I probably should have laid off the cup cakes! Brogan would NOT stop stuffing his face! It was insane! Even though he won't remember it, I am so happy that Brogan enjoyed it so much!

I LOVE this picture! (good picture taking by Ben... for once!)

He loved all his gifts! He says Thank you to everyone!


He did some damage!

He loves being fed by aunt Heather!

He was ready for his cake!

We figured... what the heck..... lets just give him a whole pizza! (thanks to $5 pizza's at little caesers!)

my cute family! aunt Jami and cousin Valentina!

My star cupcakes were a major hit!~ I was glad because I stayed up all night making them!

Always eating! (before he got destroyed by his cake!)

I am such a pig! we really could not stop eating the cupcakes!


Shums said...

aw, i wish we could've been there. seriously, i get so frustrated because EVERY time i have sam take a pic of me it turns out retarded. Ben does a good job!

Brittney said...

Yay for Birthdays. I am glad his birthday went great. It looks like he had so much fun. You are such a cute mom.

Derrick and Laurice said...

I love the picture of you and Brogan also! So how did you make star cupcakes? They are so cute. Was it a star pan?

Jessica Knight said...

Those cupcakes look like hard work! Good job Mrs.Creative! I agree, good picture of you and Bro! He is cracking me up with the msses he made and how much he loved the food! I'm not suprised at all that he loved it! I'm still just so mad over the fact I couldn't make it! How lame! Brogan will have to show Anaston how it's done at her party next week!(That is if she doesn't go nuts all on her own!

Cobb Crew said...

awwww...nothing like being naked and eating pizza at the park on your birthday...LOL...I LOVE those star cupcakes...adorable....I want one of those pans. Thanks for the crazy day..hope you get rid of the headache!

Cobb Crew said... cousin just posted a comment on my blog...she loves your photos and wants you to do her baby's pics while she is in town in February.

dan and ashley said...

looked like much more fun than being at work :( i forgot allison is pregnant again until i saw that pic!

Jami said...

It was a perfect party Posey! I love your boys!!! I also can't believe Bro is 1.


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