Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was great! We got together at my moms house with my family and it was alot of fun! Santa and his wife made a special stop to see the kids! I can't believe how much differnet this experience was from the mall Santa visit! Vance was actually very excited to go sit on his lap and talk to him! I think it was because all of his cousins were doing it! Dinner was so good! We had ham and raost and patatoes...ext...the usuall! When I was younger, I always thought how lame it must be to become a parent and not get to be a kid any more on christmas, but I have to admit that It was so fun getting to watch my boys enjoy this time of year and try and teach them the true meaning of christmas! They are still a little young, but I know they felt the love and joy of this holiday season! (i hope that wasn't too mushy!)

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The Prince Family said...

How fun Posey! You have a great family. Tell Blake he needs to get a blog!


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