Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

We had to wake the boys up to open presents...sad, i know. The boys destroyed the place went through all their gifts in about 20 minutes. Vance kept opening presents and saying.... "Mom, you got this at Walmart!" I could only reply with, "No I didn't Vance, Santa brought it"
Then we went to Alison's (my sis n' law) for dinner and she made chicken pot pie.
This is before dinner was served, For those of you that actually know brogan... you will laugh!
The Girls with Grandma!
Ben, with his sisters. (4 of the 9 kids)
We finished the day off with temple lights!

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Laurice. said...

I love that he knew where it came from. Camden has the same one and loves it! Stitches....he is a busy boy. I am sure we will be there too soon.


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