Sunday, February 28, 2010

life with 3 is crazy...but good

Well well well.... My 3 little hood rats;) life with 3 has been such a change. I really thought 2 kids was SOOOOOO easy. Vance and Brogan were 17 months apart and I think I never left "baby mode" before I had little Bro Bro. Well, it has been so different with this 3rd baby. I feel like I have forgotten everything there is to know about babies. Grey is very very sweet and smily, but he is still a handful. NOTHING is better than seeing my 2 older boys talk to sweet baby Grey and say "hey Bubba" or "hi sweet baby Grey"! I just love to hear all of them play together. They are both great helpers. Sometimes I wonder if they feel like little slaves because of all I ask of them. My whole life I knew I wanted little girls. That was all I ever thought about. I couldn't wait to have cute little girls that I could get so dressed up and teach them to be just like me. I guess the Lord decided to throw a curve ball at me gave my 3 loud, crazy, busy, loving, sweet, funny, emotional little boys. I still sometimes wish I had a doughter, but I am so so so thankful for my sweet little boys. I could not be more lucky with what I have been blessed with. They are my life. I know that I was made to be a mom of boys! All of them are so proud to have me as a mom and show me so much love. Through all my hard times or trials that I may have, my boys are always there to tell me they love me and give me big hugs and kisses! I look forward to life with them, to teach me and keep me smiling. THEY ARE THE BEST!
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laurice romney. said...

They are so cute. I can't imagine having hands are full with 2.

wackywilsons said...

What a sweet post this is true that I am sad to not have a little "shadow" of a daughter, but boys are awesome too!


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