Wednesday, April 6, 2011

18 months and growing!

This little fire cracker has come a long way! At 18 months, he is finally walking... actually running around. We knew that since he is a preemie, he would be delayed, but he is coming along. We love this kid. He is totally different than my other boys. He is a little more demanding;) He is now discovering the things he likes and doesn't like and he is getting the attitude to go along with it. He is trying to talk. He gets a little frustrated when he can't tell us exactly what he wants. He will be starting speech therapy here this week. I am sure it will help him a lot. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that life would be so easy with only 2 kids, but NO WAY. I could never be without this boy. He is my buddy. Ben totally adores him too. I thin we maybe even "baby" him too much. Oh well... he deserves it! LOVE HIM

1 comment:

Shums said...

your boys are so cute! and grey gets more adorable everyday. i don't think landon walked until 18 months. i can't wait to get down there and get our boys together!


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