Monday, April 16, 2007

Country Thunder

Yes, ok, I am kind of a redneck sometimes! I do have to say that I had a ton of fun at Country Thunder! My dad got us VIP passes so we had free food and great seats! I really only went to see Phil Vasser (1 of my favorite country singers) and he was so much fun! I got to be really close to him! Neal McCoy came on next and he was Halarious! He is more of a comedian than a singer! The best part about the whole thing was just getting a little breath of fresh air WITHOUT the kids. It was so nice to be out with Ben on a fun date while the kids were with a babysitter, But I do have to admit that I really missed them by the end of the night!


Nena said...

Hey Posey,

Your blog was fun to visit. Country Thunder seemed like a totally fun date for you two! I love you very much!

Jami said...

Why oh why did it have to be country thunder?!?!?!? It seems like you had a good time, but country thunder? I know you do like your country music. Next time call me and we'll go to a good concert. I've been missing you this week. Call me and lets do something.

BTW I am really impressed with your photography. You're a talented girl.

Christen said...

You two look so cute! Sounds like you had fun! I am glad your gift was the hit of the party...that's what I am here for!


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