Friday, April 25, 2008

Improving Home Improvment!

Yesterday I spent the WHOLE day shooting 2 commercials for Lowes. One will air for Father's day and one for Memorial day! It was pretty fun, even though I had to be in Peoria by 7 am, and I was on my feet ALL day, But who can complain when your are getting paid to be treated really well and get fed all day long! I love going to these shoots because I get to meet really great people! For one of the shoots a played a Lowe's Associate (which was weird because I totally don't look like some one who would work at Lowe's!) and for the other one I played a shopper! Well, keep your eyes out and you just might see me! :)


Wife & Mommy said...

Thats funny, how did you get job? By the way, your hair looks awesome. I love Country Thunder. I haven't been for like 6 years, how fun for you guys.

Shums said...

that is hilarious. and you now that i see you in that snappy vest, you DO look like a Lowes worker! jk, you are famous.

ctsessions said...

That is so awesome! How in the world did you get involved with something like that. Crazy! I definitely will be watching for it.

wackywilsons said...

Good for you! How did you get that set up? Are you an actress/model? Definitely have the looks for it.

I am amazed that you met Ali ! I am sure she was just as wonderful in person as she was on camera..

You have lots of connections these days:)

Derrick and Laurice said...

How do you get these jobs??? We will be watching for you!

Jessica Knight said...

I feel so lucky to be your friend! ha ha I loved the stories you told me the next day on our forever long car ride about that shoot!


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