Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding fun.....

I photographed a wedding on Saturday and it was so much fun because it was actually a friend getting married and my other very close friend Sara was in the line! I think I played more than I worked! The wedding was awesome. All the men wore kilts and they all looked great! The bride was beautiful and everything went pretty smooth! Sara caught the bouquet (of coarse) so maybe she will be next (that's for you Danny!)! Congrats to Andy and Kelly!

Danny was checking me out all night so I figured I would at least give him one dance! haha. No but seriously... that boy can dance!

okay seriously? Cutest sisters ever! They both looked freakin' hot! I think they had every guy eying them that night!


Derrick and Laurice said...

Ok that awkward picture cracks me up! I would love a job as a photographer....take pictures and go to entertaining parties....sounds perfect!

Wife & Mommy said...

How fun! I love the kilt pic. I think you are an amazing photographer. All the pics I have seen that you have taken (Joe and Erin's) are so cute. You'll have to do our fam. pics some time. Sorry for your loss in that last post. I hope all is well with the families.
p.s. Your boys are so stinkin handsome.


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