Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laboring on Labor day.. not really

Labor day was nice and Relaxing. We went to the Mortensen's for some swimming, football, BBQ and Rock Band. What more can you ask for? Vance and Riggs are so dang cute together. Vance used to be scared of Riggs because well, let's just say he is a little "rough". Now Vance is kind of starting to Step it up and play with him . Jerah gets mad because we encourage Riggs to "toughen" up Vance but she wants him to play "soft". They are so fun to watch together. They often seem to be in their own little world and tune out the adults. Brogan enjoyed himself because Vance was so entertained with Riggs. Trey and Ben were throwing the boys up in the pool and it was so funny because they would just laugh each other the whole time. Of coarse we had a photo shoot of Tierah because she was ridiculously cute! Jereh is completely out of control with her! I love it. Thanks Metcalf Fam!The throwing got a little out of control

Riggs giving loves

Set.. Hike..Vance and Riggs about to tackle eachother

I am pretty sure Vance ran the other way right after I snapped this.

They are so funny

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Tom and Sharlet said...

Wow! Your boys are so cute. Looks like fun! - Shar


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