Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maniacs! But we love them!

Vance, Brogan and Anaston....Hmmmm! Even though it is a little strange, I just love adding a girl into my chaotic boy world! Annie Belongs to my friend Jessica so these 3 kids hang out quite often. The are so dang funny together. Poor Bro gets left out because Vance and Annie are "in love"! Since Brogan and Annie are only 3 weeks apart we try to force them to be friends and quite frankly they just don't like each other. It is sad. I really can't even explain this picture below but this is just how they act around each other!
They will hate us when they are older!
Swimming in November! SO FUN for the kids!
I know you think we posed them like this... but we DIDN'T! We caught them!


Sharlet said...

very cute

Posh Princess Boutique said...

That was a fun day! There have still been giant groups of people swimming this entire Thanksgiving weekeng..freezing, rain and all! Arizona is insane. But I do like the idea of having a giant bathtub to play in all winter long so our kids don't forget how to swim! Not that Vance ever could!

Posh Princess Boutique said...

Wow those pictures on your new header are amazing...whose incredible backyard did you get them done at?!? Mwah ha ha! Seriously though, you are too critical. They turned out cute

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Brogan is. He's a little man!


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