Saturday, November 29, 2008

The big TWO

Bro Bro turned 2 on the 9th and a figured I better document it. We just had a small get together at Peter Piper Pizza. Of coarse all the kids had so much fun and Brogan just sat at the table and ate pizza the WHOLE time. He was really cute opening up his presents. he got a lot of fun things from friends and family! I can't believe how big he is getting! Seriously, we joke that he is taking Steroids that we don't know about;) at his 2 year appointment his head was the only thing on the charts at 92%. He is so cute and fun, he is starting to talk in full sentences and loves to copy his big bro Vance! We totally enjoy having him. Sad..... that he is getting so old so quick!
Always Eating! I am not even kidding!well I am totally dumb and I bought Bro a 1 year old candle! we used it on his cousin Veronica who turned one that day!My wrapping job! Yes.... that is electrical tapeBrogan and his FAVORITE aunt HederCute pic of Annie and JessThis picture make me feel weird!

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Posh Princess Boutique said...

So fun. I will never forget the car ride that followed the party when are kids were being wacko and running their mouths!Oh and then the game afterwards where Vance almost made the rocks his toilet! ha ha I love Bro if only I could teach Annie that concept!


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