Friday, March 20, 2009

It is now real!

I was not going to go to the Dr until I was 12 weeks but Of coarse I was bleeding so I had to go in sooner. I bled with Bro Bro so I wasn't too worried but I just wanted to make sure. Turns out the baby is great! I just have to take it easy so the bleeding will stop. He told me not to lift anything heavy... Really? I have to lift my boys! I love picking them up and holding them. I will be so sad when the day comes when they are too big for that. Anyways... Vance is so dang cute. I really should not have told him about the baby so soon because he wants it NOW! He keeps telling me to get it out of my tummy and if I do then he will take care of it. He always asks if he can sit on my lap and he promises "not to hurt the baby". Every day he has a different opinion about the gender. Sometimes it is his sister and sometimes it is a brother. Only time will tell:) The Dr also confirmed a due date because I had no idea when my last "cycle" was. He said I was 8 weeks and due November 3, 2009. You would think that with a 3rd baby it wouldn't be as exciting, but it is so amazing to see that little heart beat. I am so excited for this little baby to grow and come out and meet us all.
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Derrick + Laurice. said...

I am going to have to try it...fingers crossed.

So far I’ve bled with every pregnancy. It's scary but if you do take it easy don't work out it all goes good. It's hard this time though with Camden. I didn't realize how much I pick him up until now. Isn't seeing the heartbeat the greatest feeling!

Sharlet said...

Posey! Congratulations! How exciting!


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