Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's "speacial" Day

Well I thought father's day was great this year. The boy's were so excited to shop for gifts for Ben. Without any coaching they were adamant about getting him a wallet and a tie. Original, I know. Vance said that "daddy lost his wallet so he needed a new one" I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had found his wallet the week before. So I let him pick out a wallet and Brogan gave him a tie. I actually loved the tie he picked out. I gave him a few random things and he seemed to be pretty happy this year. I felt special this year because I got to cook dinner for Ben AND my dad. Between Ben, ben's dad and my dad, I have some really amazing Fathers in my life. Ben is SUCH a great dad. The boys love him so much and LOVE spending time with him. Ben recently let me go on a girls trip to San Diego with one of my best friends Dray. He always impresses me when he has then boys alone. The boys are always happy to be with him. I am so lucky to have Ben. Even as babies, it was almost always Ben that woke up with them in the night. He is such a help to me. I think together we make a pretty good pair of parent:)
My dad. Seriously, I don't know anyone that wouldn't agree that my dad is not only an amazing father, but he is a great man. I feel privileged to be his one and only daughter. He is so much fun to be around and my kids absolutely adore him. Thank you for everything Dad. Your the best!

I made dinner and walker and Melanie came along. It was pretty yummy. Teriyaki Salmon, Rice Pilaf and a delicious Salad.

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tamy scheurn said...

We had great time and... Dinner was YUMMY!!!! I know your dad loves having you as his one Nd only precious daughter! Thanks for the great dinner!,, we love you!


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