Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Party for the 6 year old!

I had so much fun planning Vance's party this year. We had it at my moms house, where we also held his first birthday. I decked the place out with different superhero's and Vance loved it. Vance is lucky to have great family and friends who love him so much. Him and all the other little ones that were there had a lot of fun. They Swam, ate and jumped on the tramp. Who wouldn't have fun? :)

He got WAY too many gifts, but I was happy for him. He is so grateful and appreciative. He was up all night that night playing with his new stuff.

The Cake...... My good friend Stephanie helped me dicide that I was actually going to try to make Vances cake (and make it look good). Well It turned out that Steph pretty much did the whole thing. It was perfect. The kids were amazed just looking at it.

Vance is 6. That is just to weird to think that I have a 6 year old. Vance is fantastic. He is seriously hilarious with his animated little face. I love to just talk to him and ask him questions just to get funny/cute responses. He is learning so much right now. He has recently picked up Golf and he really likes it. We will see how long it lasts, but he is pretty good. Vance lOVES to tell his parents how much he loves them. He is always putting his hand on my face telling me that I am beautiful and sweet. He told me he was sorry that he was having a birthday because he didn't want me to be sad that he is growing big. He melts my heart. I laugh at 90% of the things he says because he is just so darn funny. He is into a lot right now. He loves transformers and any other superhero that has ever exsisted. He loves coloring and watching spongebob. He loves to go to Mima and Pop's (my parents) house. He loves the pool. He would swim all day everyday if I would let him. I love to think about where life will take this little guy. I think the lord has something special planned for him. I love you Vance! Happy Birthday.
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tamy scheurn said...

Vance....I LOVE YOU!!! You will always hold a special place in my heart!!!


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