Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Family (by a 4 year old)

Brogan was asked at school to go through magazines and cut out people that reminded him of his family. When I picked him up, he was so excited to show me "our family". This is his description.
1. Daddy (very good looking man. pretty normal)
2. VANCE! I guess Santa reminds bro of vance. I asked him why and he said "because he looks like him"
3. Brogan. Of course brogan is a very normal very cute little boy that actually does look a little like him.
4. Grey. just the top of a baby's head.
5. So this is a picture of an old lady with a cane. I was a little offended as I said, "brogan, I am not this old, and I don't use a cane."
his reply, "Mom, that is not you. That is my sister." Um.... clearly he doesn't have a sister so obviously I told him there is no
sister. He seriously laughed and said, Mom! not yet, but we WILL have one! and that is her!"
well ok then.
6. toys. He just had to include toys as part of his family.
So that is it? seriously? Where am I?! I pretended to be very sad as I asked him where I was.... he says, "oops I forgot". As I became even more sad, he started frantically searching his back pack and told me he did make me, but he must have left it at school. I found the whole thing pretty funny and told him I loved his family. little brogan is just so sweet and he LOVES school. all the kids and teachers love him. His main teacher told me that he is a delight to have in class. I am so proud of him. Everyday when I pick him up, kids line up to hug him good-bye. It's hilarious. Good job Bro!
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