Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gotta Love Tom Scheurn

When my dad told me he was asked to play in the Justin Timberlake Celeb golf tournemnt, I almost had a heart attack. I had to at least try and throw my name out there as his plus one, but I was almost positive he would be taking my mom. NOPE, he asked me for my name as it appeared on my ID and then told me he booked my flight. We had such a fun trip. I was definatly a VIP with TS. I think I gained 10 pounds on this trip from the buffets and treats!
Me and my dad at Joe's steak house (amazing!)

My dad bought me real leather boots! (too bad he can't take a good pic) I may or may not be wearing these things ALL the time. I can't wait to show them off at the country dance bars! :)

Where I watched the golfing from

Daddy playing some golf

ok, I understand that my face looks really wierd in this pic, but um I am with Justin Timberlake! the night before the tournement he hosted a very small event at the 1 OAK club in the mirage. The event was about an hour of JT entertaining while the pro's got paired with the ametuers. it was a BLAST! When he was donr talking, I kind of had an outer body expreience and yelled, "justin!"  ( I shocked myself even) I asked him to come take a pic and he said, "Sure Darlin'". He posed for the pic and exchanged a few sentences with me and my dad before he skipped out on the party.  

I would love to say that JT was the best part of the trip but this was! Lounging BY MYSELF by the pool! I fell asleep by the pool TWICE!

me at Kardashian Chaos. I had to! 


My dad tried to take a pic of me at the airport on the way out there, but his golf clubs started falling over mid pic......

my cute dad! Dad, Thank you so much for giving me a trip that I wil ALWAYS remember! I love you! oh and thank you Mom, for giving up your spot! I love you too! 
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tamy scheurn said...

so happy you both had fun!! You are a cutie-pie!! I know dad loved being with you! Love you so much!!


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