Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pickle Boy!

Brogan loves pickles! It is so funny because I thought he would think they are too sour but he has no reaction when he eats them! It is our new favorite thing to just let him chill with a pickle! Still no teeth!!


Jessica Knight said...

Ha ha, you told me about this and you saw me laughing but actually seeing it in action, k that's hilarious! Love the new header pic! You do the best collages!

Derrick and Laurice said...

Your boys are so cute! That is so funny that he loves pickles! Derrick gave Camden a lime the other day and much to my suprise he loved it. It's funny that they like things that you would never think of.

Brittney said...

Oh man my mouth seriously started watering when I saw that pickle in his mouth.haha. That is hilarious that he likes those. My little boy thinks they are a little too sour. But I love pickles.

~The Kunzlers~ said...

Too cute. I think that' awesome. I'm glad I could offer the secondary pickle when the first gav out~ Lets play group?!?


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