Friday, August 24, 2007

what is going on?

My "baby brother" is huge! It is really weird that he just got his first car and he is driving! It is really really really weird!!!! I thought that by chance I might be taller than some one in my family, but I guess that just isn't going to happen! Rhett is great brother and uncle! I just wish he would babysit more! haha. Congrats Rhett!


Shums said...

Seriously?! Rhett was just rolling around on the floor in your old basement, while our boyfriends were trying to pay him to leave so we would make-out with them.

dan and ashley said...

AMY!! you guys were bad- that was before i was friends with you guys! :) jk seriously though posey- that's nuts! when's his birthday?? zac only has his permit- for 3 more months... he is tall!

Anonymous said...

Posey.....where the heck have you been? You haven't called in days and your outside lights have been on 24/7 for days.....I am suffering withdrawal and I leave for Salt Lake tomorrow morning. I'll be tracking you down when I get back!


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