Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my Obsession!

I know, I know! Everyone must be thinking that all I do is take pictures of my kids! Well.... your right! If I am not taking pictures of other people's kids then, Yes, I am taking pictures of my own! I did this picture for my mom and I thought it turned out pretty cute!


Brittney said...

That looks awesome!!!!

Derrick and Laurice said...

That is amazing! Take all the pictures you want of you kids I know I do someday they will be grown and it will be all we have to remember the little. Nothings wrong with that.

Shums said...

i love this one! get ready to take pics of Landon, we get in tommorrow at noon!

Anonymous said...

Okay...you're KILLING me Posey...now I want pics at the temple....but in the desert too.....what the heck? I LOVE this picture and I want one of my boys....AHHHHH....we might need to do a park date over by the temple so I can buy you lunch and you can take pics of my kids....LOL! I can't wait for pics this Saturday....seriously SO excited....I am already obsessing over it!


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