Monday, October 1, 2007

My Vancie Pants!

Okay, I really don't mean for this to be a big dumb t brag post, But lately, I have been completely amazed by Vance! I know he is only 2 1/2 but I just feel like the time is going by too fast! There are plenty of times where I feel like I might be just a little fed up with him, But he never fails to Keep me smiling! I can't even believe the things that he does and says to keep me on my toes! He is so smart! I know every mother feels the same way about their own kids, but I just thought that I would write mine out for Vance's sake later! I love his little smile next to his huge dimples! I think that I don't stop and admire him enough through out the day! I just love him so dang much! The older he gets, the better life gets! I can't imagine my life with out either one of my kids! Here are some cute pictures of Vance at grammie's house!He thinks he can ride Ruby! ( my parents dog)


Brittney said...

Ok seriously he is such a stud!!! He has some killer eyes. Watch out for when all the girls want him:)

Shums said...

He is really cute!


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