Friday, October 5, 2007

Working on a back dive!

We are trying to teach Vance the correct way to dive! This was probably the last time we will be swimming so I figured I would post his progress! He is amazing! He is not even 2 1/2!


dan and ashley said...

he is swimming so good! he'll be a hot little swim/diver- like we were remember!! :) before we got cut :(

Nena said...

Posey, the pics are soooo adorable...the boys are amazingly darling; and you are a hot mamma also!! I am sure Vance will be number one on the swim team - never too early to start him. I miss you - love, auntie nena

Brittney said...

you boys are so cute. thats awesome that vance can swim already. I wish brayton knew how.

Jessica Knight said...

I can't believe he's doing back dive now! It's really amazing that a kid that young seriously swims that good!


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