Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is this a joke?

Who gets Croup in the Summer? BROGAN DOES! The poor guy is so sick, he can barely breathe! I actually have never seen it this bad, and let me just say I have seen some pretty bad cases! Ah... lets hope he gets over it really quick!


Alison said...

Are you kidding me? My heart aches for you and can't wait until the day your kids aren't sick anymore! Don't be a stranger.

Alan and Rachel Shumway said...

AWWW poor baby. My mom said that I would get the croop anytime of the year! Brogan is sooooo stinking cute!!! of course both boys are but I havnt seen you for such a long time and they get so big quick. I ran into sonja and she filled me in and hear you are living in gilbert. We are moving to cooper and elliott in 2 weeks!!!! we are extatic.


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