Monday, September 27, 2010

No longer a Baby! Sad

ONE YEAR ago, my sweet little Bennett Grey came into this world. I can not even express how much I love and admire this little angel. At the beginning we really didn't know what to expect with a 31 weeker, but he was a fighter from day one! He showed everyone in that hospital that he was going to be a warrior and fight for his Mama. His pregnancy was very hard on me. Physically and emotionally. I was in a hospital bed for 5 weeks with a tube coming out of my kidney and a baby laying on that tube.It is kind of weird but I was always at peace with him coming early. I knew he was a strong little guy and I had faith in the NICU that took care of him. I can't believe that a year has gone by. It is also weird to think that when my friest born turned one, I was 4 months pregnant. I can't even imagine that. Grey was so tiny, but he was a lover. He loved to show off his sweet dream smiles. I could have watched him sleep all day.

It was hard at times seeing our little angel struggle, but like i said, I knew he would pull through it all.

One year later! Our little guys is growing and doing GREAT. We have had no problems or delays with him. Wow we love him. Vance loves him so much that he can't even control himself with him. Brogan is the baby helper. Bro will do anything for Grey. if Grey starts to fuss, Brogan is the first one there with a snack or a bottle to calm him down.
For his birthday we celebrated TWICE. We had to celebrate while my parents were here and then we had a small party at Grandma and Grandpa Cowart's house.

Money Money money MONEY!
Grandmas yumylicious cake.
Grey wanted to eat everything
Of course Vance was there to help him lick
I could hardly contain him
And he's off.....
Hurry up already Grandpa
So Excited

Now this is the big Cake Cookie that we made while my parents were here. It was a hit. So delicious.
Bye Bye
Bennett Grey Cowart
Age one
Grey loves to be held. It does'nt really matter who is holding him, he just loves to be up high where the grown-ups are. He love "Bouncing" to music. (he thinks he is dancing).His absolute favorite thing is to "Shake, Shake Shake" where he shakes whatever is in his hands. My mom bought him some moracca's and he shakes them all day. He is very easily entertained. he loves when we sing to him. Especially when we sing, "popcorn" and "Paddy cake"
His vocabulary includes
Mama, Dada, Vroom, Bye Bye, Mine, More and some more jibberish.
He loves to copy us and make animal noises. He loves to growl.
He is just so sweet. He is such an easy baby. I am just sure that he was sent to the right home because I needed him. I need his sweet smiles, and his sweet head on my shoulder. I thank my Heavenly Father for all my wonderful kids. Its interesting how the all fit together. Life just woulndt be complete without any of them. Well Happy Birthday Grey Bug. Your Mama loves you more than you will ever know. Thank you for lighting my life sunshine!

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Shums said...

He keeps getting cuter! Our boys need to play together.


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