Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vance say's....

1. Vance -"Hey mom, I can count to 100" - Brogan "Oh Yeah, I can count to 6!"

2. Vance - (while holding the phone to his head) "Can everyone PLEASE be quiet while I call my girlfriend!"

3.Vance - (while shopping in Walmart) "MOM, MOM, Brogan is buying alcohol!" Me - "No Vance, That is Coke.. It is soda, but your right, Brogan shouldn't drink it" (Has Vance been thinking I have been drinking alcohol everytime I drink Soda? yikes)

4.Vance - (while praying for a missionary in our ward that was hit by a car) "Please bless Elder Fife, That he can get better and that his wife can have a baby" (hmmmm)

5. Vance - (also during a prayer) "Please bless Mom that she can clean all my clothes so that they smell like soap)


Shums said...

I love him! Why are kids so funny?!

ctsessions said...

Seriously hilarious!

tamy scheurn said...

Kids are jjust so honest! His points were valid! Love that kid!! He is definatly Mima's boy! Love you "Vancie"!


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