Friday, August 19, 2011

good Ol' PPP

I met up with Jessica to have a fun little lunch out with the kids. Including hers, mine and one that she babysits, we have 5 very small children. It actually went surprisingly well. We burned through 100 tokens with ease. BOTH Brogan and Annie won the jackpot on 2 different games. On top of that, the guy at the ticket counter was awesome and hooked the kids up. I just love nice people!

ok, Grey will jump off a diving board but won't ride one of these! What the heck? I love how Jessica is laughing at him. So nice

I wish I could say Jessica wanted to be in here, but her kid kept going up and getting stuck.

Brogan totally snuck in this picture. Just like his mom:)

just some of the prizes we took home

they are going to HATE us when they are older. Brogan and Aniston have a total love hate relationship... (more hate) Annie is so much mature and she can't understand why he is so "annoying". I just have to laugh at it. The funny thing is that me and Jessica try to force them to like eachother and we do crap like this..... I can't help myself.

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