Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Ball Begins .... Giants and Sharks

I might finally have the sport thing down. I will be really honest and say, I wanted Daughters. Daughters that I could take to dance and gymnastics... well Life is not that. I now have very athletic little boys and I wouldn't have it any other way. After Vance's Football season ended, he wanted to try baseball. He has done awesome. He is such a strong little player. the hardest part for him is staying focused but when he is focused, he is pretty dang talented! He is only playing coach pitch right now, but I am sure he is ready for the big kids next year! he is always the entertainment of the game, due to the fact that you just never really know what he will do/say when he gets up to the plate!
Saying that Brogan loves soccer is an understatement! he lives it! he is such a strong little player and he is doing really well. He is pretty much the strongest kicker on the team and the best part is that he doesn't know it. He is so sweet and humble. I love watching these boys do what they love to do!
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