Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who needs money to have fun?

We went to Ben's sister house and her son Casjen made a car for his little brother! It was just a plain box, But Vance absolutely loved it! I am so over buying toys for my kids because they just destroy them! I finally "dejunked" their rooms and got rid of any toy that had a missing or broken piece! That pretty much meant all of them! Oh well...! I really love books! we have been reading a lot because they don't make a mess and the keep them busy for a while! We will see how long I last not buying toys!


Anonymous said...

LOL....hilarious...gotta love kids and their cardboard boxes....too cute! I think I will try the de-junking of my kids rooms...LUV that idea.

Derrick and Laurice said...

I hear ya! They entertain themselves with anything and usually it's not the expensive toy that I have bought. Your page is really cute.

Brittney said...

Seriously I am right there with ya. Brayton just dumps all of his toys out just to make a mess and doesnt even play with them. It drives me up the wall.


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