Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter was great this year. It was very relaxing. We got to sleep in and then we casually let the boys dig through their baskets! Vance got a new scooter ( He goes through them like they are disposable!) and Brogan got.. well just the basket! (messed up I know!) After church my family got together at my parents house for a very YUMMY dinner and a little Guitar Hero. Yes I beat my hubby every time! LOL. It was way fun! I got eggs to do an egg hunt but yes, I was too lazy! How lame, my kids didn't even get to hunt for
eggs this year! OH well, at least they are still young! I will for sure next year!
Vance thought this guitar went to the game (it didn't!)

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Derrick and Laurice said...

Don't feel lame...if it wasn't for my sister in law getting all the stuff and starting it with the kids we wouldn't have done an Easter egg hunt either this year.


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