Monday, March 3, 2008

The Welcome home parties!

My mom threw a huge bash for walker the night he came home! I think the whole town of gilbert came! LOL. All though everyone was competing for Walker time, we all had a really good time! I think I ate more than I have ever eaten! There was a ton of yummy food, including, some of the best desserts EVER!

Then, on Friday, my extended family threw a party for him ad it was a total blast! I LOVE my family. I love all my aunts and cousins so much! We always have the best time together! My aunts are amazing cooks, so I always look forward to the food they will serve!

My brother Joe brought a root beer keg and it kind of scared me that my boys would NOT stay away from it and that Vance totally knew how to operate it!

How in the world does this happen? My two "little" brothers tower over me? I don't know if Rhett is ever going to stop growing! He is only a sophmore in high school and he seems to get bigger everyday! He is a good kid! My boys LOVE my two little bros! Vance tells me everyday that he wants to see Walker and Rhett!

Here is Valentina doing a Keg stand! Mine wasn't so graceful! Ha!


Derrick and Laurice said...

OK seriously you are too cute! It makes me sick that you have 2 kids! Love the root beer keg! How is Brogan doing? He looks good.

Jessica Knight said...

How exciting! Fun to have all your family together again! Don't feel bad about being a shrimp compared to your younger bros, I know the feeling. Shortest one in a family of 6, with 3 younger than me that are way taller! Us short ones stick together!

Shums said...

firstly, RUDE! why wasn't i invited? and 2nd, you know vance learned to operate the keg by watching his parents...

ctsessions said...

Ok so this is a small world. I go to school with Kyndal Bradshaw and she is friends with Walker. SO I have been counting down Walker's homecoming as well. I thought that was funny. How are you doing? Your boys are sooo Adorable.

dan and ashley said...

that pic with you and your bros is hilarious!! i'll prob have a similar one when jason gets home. that's scary valentina knows how to do a keg stand- isn't she still only like 12?!!


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