Sunday, August 17, 2008

The "Braves" Game!

Ben's 2nd most anticipated yearly event happened, (2nd to the Georgia ASU game in sept.).... The Braves came to town! Ben has been Loading the boys up on Georgia gear and brainwashing them since they were born. Both my boys all ready know that the Braves are the BEST baseball team and The Georgia bulldogs are the best football team! Actually other football teams don't even exist to them. Ben got to go the the first game with his sister and then the next day he loaded up the family to take with him. The first inning was great! We had really good tickets and Vance was loving every moment of it! He was so funny yelling "Go Braves" and "Go Chipper". After that both of them were pretty much done! From that point on we walked around from seat to seat and level to level just trying to keep the boys entertained while Ben focused on the game! I never knew that there is a kids playground on the upper level of Chase Field! It really helped with the situation. I actually had more fun than I thought I would, But now Vance wants to go to the "Braves game" everyday! I can't get his mind off of it!


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