Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ben + Ben = BFF-ers

Ben Cowart and Ben Cawley... Best friends since they were tiny! I actually sometimes feel threatened by the relationship the have j/k. It is sad that Ben Cawley still lives in GA because the rarely get to see each other, but they will take any oppurtunity to get to get to hang out and the fact that UGA was playing here in the Sun Devils stadium was a perfect reason for Ben to fly out! We had a really fun weekend. Ben and Ben were so much fun to watch together. They act like little kids when they are together and I think it is cute. I just stuck close to Heather and we had our own "date". The game was a blast and it was even sweeter when we KILLED ASU! I won't lie... I was a little scared for my life when I saw all the ASU fans. Luckily there were actually a lot of UGA fans to help back us up!
My boys LOVE Ben Cawley! We told them that he plays football for Georgia and they believed it. Now that is all they talk about.

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Jessica Knight said...

Oh Ben and Ben...ha ha. K I love you! My new blog header you did for me is absolutely adorable! I LOVE it! You did such a good job! You are such a good friend! Thanks for all you do!


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