Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My friends and and their problems! LOL

Well, I have a few funny stories. First, Sara called me one night to tell me that she was going to ride her "new Bike" over to my house with her dog Ace. she wanted to call and tell me just in case she never showed up, I would know what to tell the police:) when she told me that she was just going to throw on her helmet and head over, I couldn't help but bust out laughing thinking of her in a nerdy helmet with her "horse dog" crossing Val Vista drive! I told her to call me when she got close so I could come out and take blackmail pictures and she agreed. Well she called and told me she was close, so I hurried out with my camera and she was NOWHERE to be found. I was really confused and kind of worried. 3 seconds later my phone rang again and she told me to go a little more out into the street and look to my left..... Yep, all I see is a gigantic dog standing in the middle of the street with a tangle of body and bike below him. You better believe that my first instinct was to take pictures! a couple seconds later I realized that she really could be hurt so a Ran down to help her out, and this was my finding......(sorry sara, and no there were no major injuries that a little ASEA couldn't fix)Second, I may be a really mean friend but I kind of MADE my friend Jessica cut her daughter's hair. I know it sounds mean especially since she is a hair stylist so she is completely capable of making that decision:) I was just really convinced that she would look SO cute with a little bob! Well after working on her for like a full day, she finally gave in. I just had tho share the pictures because Jessica was seriously shedding tears over little Annie's hair. I am not being mean, it was just kind of funny. I must sound like a horrible friend! I guess I was just excited to blog about something other than my sometimes boring little life. oh and just as I assumed, Annies hair is ADORABLE! Jessica did such a cute job on it. I told her that one day I MIGHT have a little girl and she can force me into chopping her hair off. I did start to feel a little bad when I notice how sick Jessica looked while doing it!too cute!


Jessica Knight said...

ha ha I was waiting on these two posts! Those pictures of Sara are hilarious! Hearing you guys tell the story was funny enough but these pictures are too funny! Her dog is a teddy bear on steroids! I want a ride! And as for the post on me...ha ha, too funny! I really did feel a little sick but glad I gave in. She rocks the bob! You got cute pic's! You just wait till you get your girl! ha ha Love ya!

{Mullins} said...

haha-that was too funny seeing her laying there. just got caught up on your blog, your boys are so cute.


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