Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We went to watch my cute little cousin Grayson play his pop warner football game last weekend. His team demolished the other team. I can NOT wait to see my boys out on the field. It was painful for Vance to have to sit on the side and watch because I wanted to be out there SO bad. I think these little guys look like bobble heads out on the field. I don't even know how their neck can support that big helmet. I look forward to taking the boys to more games! It is a nice way to get some fresh air and Let the boys run around. Hooray for football season!
Go Gray!
Vance dropped is Snow cone and was eating it out of the grass. Boys will be Boys!
I know.. I need to cut his hair... I don't think Ben will let me this time!

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Sharlet said...

Those boys look so old geared up and playing. Your little guys are so cute, especially the eating the snow cone off the ground. It probably added a few little green vitamins to his treat. Way to go mom!


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